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The Ohio State University’s English as a Second Language (ESL) Program has a new name: The Intercultural English Language Programs reflects a more expanded notion of English language learning.

“Our students are multilingual and speak English as an additional language — sometimes a second or third or even fourth language,” said Ivan Stefano, the program’s director. “So Intercultural English Language Programs is more inclusive of all the linguistically diverse students that we have.”

Housed within the College of Education and Human Ecology’s Department of Teaching and Learning, the four programs under the Intercultural English Language Programs’ (IELP) umbrella served more than 1,000 students during the 2021-2022 academic year. Many came from throughout the university. Those programs are the American Language Program, Academic English Writing Program (formerly ESL Composition Program), Spoken English Program and International Special Programs.  In addition, the program administers English language assessments to matriculated international students and graduate teaching assistant candidates.

All the diversity within those areas is another reason for updating the name.

“That's why it's intercultural,” Stefano said. “People from different cultures work together, study together and interact. We're not just serving students at Ohio State, but we also have corporate partners and partner universities.”

The name change comes with a new website. Visit to learn more about the Intercultural English Language Programs.