Each year, an ambitious number of students squeeze in a full load of credit hours during the hottest semester of the year.

Dean Don Pope-Davis is proud to congratulate the just over 50 students in education and human ecology who made the Summer 2023 Dean’s List.

The honor goes to those who earn grade point averages of 3.5 or higher while completing at least 12 credit hours of coursework during the semester. Their exemplary grades are a credit to them and their faculty.

A high GPA means more than studying in the classroom. Students in the college gain valuable, real-world experience.

Some of these students were engaged in summer field experiences as part of their required coursework. Notably, students majoring in fashion and retail studies, hospitality management and sport industry took part in approved internships where they learned while working under experienced mentors.

Others, for instance students majoring in human development and family science, contributed to the research agenda of their faculty mentors.       

Most took coursework on the Columbus campus, but two studied at the Lima campus and two were at the Marion campus.

Let’s celebrate these high achievers.

Find dean's list honorees by major:

Early Childhood Education | Exercise Science | Fashion and Retail Studies | Health Promotion, Nutrition and Exercise Science | Hospitality Management | Human Development and Family Sciences | Human Nutrition | Integrated Social Studies | Integrated Language Arts/English Education | Middle Childhood Education | Primary Education | Special Education | Sport Industry | Sport Coaching, Recreational and Physical Education

Early Childhood Education

  • Amy Zender

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Exercise Science

  • Carly Hanson

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Fashion and Retail Studies

  • Hannah Mathias

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Health Promotion, Nutrition and Exercise Science

  • Sam Soufi

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Hospitality Management

  • Jason Nahra
  • Cara Nestor
  • Rachel Ooms
  • Troy Pollock
  • Ningning Zhao

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Human Development and Family Sciences

  • Lauren Alexander
  • Bianca Blakey
  • Anna Bokovoy
  • Kendra Goschinski
  • Kristen Haggerty
  • Nick Janos
  • Chris Landis
  • Jaylynn Mitchell
  • Madison Newsom
  • Maxwell Niswonger
  • Emily Parker
  • Bree Preece
  • Grant Toutant
  • Sumedha Vadlamani
  • Kristin Wright

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Human Nutrition

  • Ke Alaia
  • Schuette Emma
  • Shankar Karthika

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Integrated Social Studies

  • Luke Rush
  • Madeline Valentine

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Integrated Language Arts/English Education

  • Charlotte Cupp
  • Darby Studer

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Middle Childhood Education

  • Brianne Ballenger
  • Savanna Deibert
  • Briley Dickson
  • Hailey Johnson
  • Hannah Kaczmarski
  • Lauren McCarron
  • Joseph Sexton
  • Hannah Siegel

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Primary Education

  • Bajes Mustafa
  • Fagan Jenna
  • Gawronski Grace
  • Giannoutsos Megan
  • Klosterman Lauren

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Special Education

  • Megan Bobkovich

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Sport Industry

  • Samuel Cannon
  • Jacob Garland
  • Steven Liao
  • Christopher Lopez
  • Broc Love
  • Niko Papakirk

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Sport Coaching, Recreation and Physical Education

  • Lorenzo Styles

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