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Undergrad research: Tech, tumors, teachers

EHE News
March 27, 2015

From discovering new medical technologies to exploring the health of military families, participants in the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum at Ohio State University sought to answer questions and solve problems with the advice of outstanding faculty.

The College of Education and Human Ecology was well represented, with two dozen entries. A total of 25 EHE faculty and doctoral students took on the vital role of research advisors to students in EHE and other academic programs.

Three EHE projects were winners in the highly competitive forum, which featured work by more than 600 Ohio State students. Evan Schrader, Human Nutrition, and Rachel Garcia and Colin McGinnis, both Human Development and Family Sciences, presented their outstanding work on March 15 in the RPAC.

Bailey Quinn, Human Development and Family Science, was featured in an Ohio State story about the forum, "Solving the World's Problems."

Winning students and advisors

Health Professions - Clinical

Second place (tie)
“Examining efficacy of a topical nutrition therapy for endothelial cell tumors,” Evan Schrader, Human Nutrition
Advisors: Ouliana Ziouzenkova, Human Sciences; and Gayle Gordillo, Medicine


Second place (tie)
“Extending the definition of quality childcare: preschool teachers’ general psychological and job related wellbeing”
Rachel Garcia, Human Development And Family Science; Emily Sorrenti and Divya Ramoo, Psychology
Advisor: Cynthia Buettner, Human Sciences

Business/Education/Speech & Hearing Science

Third place (tie)
“Caregiver and teacher ratings regarding young children’s development: validity and factors predictive of disagreement”
Colin McGinnis, Human Development and Family Science
Advisor: Shayne Piasta, Teaching and Learning

All entrants and EHE advisors

Many projects in the Denman Forum involved other disciplines. EHE students had advisors from other Ohio State colleges and EHE faculty advised students from other degree programs.

Below, EHE entrants and their EHE advisors are highlighted, as well as the names of faculty advisors for multidisciplinary work.

Agriculture/Ecological/Environmental Science

“Active surveillance for influenza A viruses in migratory waterfowl, 2014-2015"
Amber Kihm,  Human Nutrition
Advisor: Andrew Bowman, Veterinary Preventive Medicine, CoAdvisor: Jacquline Nolting, Agricultural and Extension Education

Biological Sciences

“Construction of a Thermococcus kodakarensis deletion-strain library”
Jean Lin and Jenna  Staikoff, Microbiology; and Austin Angelotti, Human Nutrition
Advisor: John  Reeve, Microbiology; CoAdvisor: Rie Matsumi, Natural and Mathematical Sciences

“Regulation of thermogenic and lipogenic adipogenesis by branched amino acids and their oxidized metabolites”
Emiliano Melgar-Bermudez, Biochemistry
Advisor: Ouliana Ziouzenkova, Education and Human Ecology

"Effects of aerobic interval exercise training on mouse slow and fast twitch skeletal muscles"
Minori Minagawa, Exercise Science Education Advisor: Anuradha  Kalyanasundaram, Medicine

Business/Education and Human Ecology/Speech and Hearing Science

“Youth sport participation”
Treg Mallory, Human Development and Family Science
Advisor: Michael Betz, Education and Human Ecology

"Pediatric obesity treatment programs: unique contextual and economic "factors
Olivia Zimmer, Human Development and Family Science
Advisor: Keeley Pratt, Human Sciences

"A multicomponent literacy intervention for adolescents”
Cametreus  Clardy, Education-Special Education
Advisor: Ralph  Gardner, Educational Studies, CoAdvisor: Morris  Council, Educational Policy and Leadership

“What works for black male collegians”
Terrence Michael Litam, Biology
Advisor: Terrell Strayhorn, Educational Studies and Center for Higher Education Enterprise; CoAdvisor: Christopher Travers, Educational Studies and Center for Higher Education Enterprise

“Black male foster care alumni and their collegiate experiences”
Amber Samimi, Public Health
Advisor: Terrell L. Strayhorn, Educational Studies and Center for Higher Education Enterprise, CoAdvisor: Trevion Henderson, Educational Studies and Center for Higher Education Enterprise

“Experiences of adolescents participating in Operation: Military Kids (OMK)”
Quinn Bailey, Human Development and Family Science
Advisor: Sarah Schoppe-Sullivan, Human Sciences, CoAdvisor: Sarah Lang, Human Sciences

“Twice-exceptional assessments and referrals”
Andrea Murphy, Early Childhood Education
Advisor: Christian Winterbottom, Teaching and Learning, Mansfield

“Determining the effectiveness of a family nutrition education teacher training curriculum in building knowledge and self-efficacy of program staff”
Ilana Nurko, Human Nutrition
Advisor: Carolyn Gunther, Human Sciences, CoAdvisor: Catherine Rogers, OSU Nutrition PhD

“Methods and fidelity of smarter lunchrooms program to decrease plate waste of children’s school lunch meal”
Paula Rose, Human Nutrition
Advisor: Julie Kennel, Human Sciences

Health Professions, Clinical

“Patient perspectives on telehealth for managing healthcare needs”
Emily Brodie, Nursing
Advisor: Celia Wills, Nursing, CoAdvisor: Carla Miller, Human Sciences

“Integration of gadoliniumenhanced MRI and simultaneous epicardial-endocardial optical mapping reveals microanatomic substrates anchoring reentrant drivers during sustained atrial fibrillation in the human heart”
Thomas Csepe, Health Promotion, Nutrition and nd Exercise Science
Advisor: Vadim Fedorov, Medicine

“RUNX2 is differentially expressed in mature NK cell subsets but does not appear to alter effector function”
Mary Nemer, Human Nutrition
Advisor: Michael Caligiuri, Medicine

"Predictions of total work based on measures of muscle strength and hop performance in individuals after ACL reconstruction"
Mary Montalto, Exercise Science Education
Advisor: Laura Schmitt, Medicine


“Stronger than ever: A narrative and photographic project of young adult cancer survivors in the Columbus, Ohio, community”
Heidi Liou, Fashion And Retail Studies
Advisor: Candace Stout, Arts and Sciences - Arts and Humanities, CoAdvisor: Jay Kandampully, Human Sciences

“Shared book reading: interactions, preferences, and function”
Samantha Secrist, Speech And Hearing Science
Advisor: Laura Wagner, Arts and Sciences - Social and Behavioral Sciences, CoAdvisor: Kristin Henkaline, Crane Center for Early Childhood Research and Policy, Education and Human Ecology

“Maternal depression and autobiographical memory in mothers and their children”
Marilyn  Wende, Psychology
Advisor: Xin Feng, Human Sciences

Social and Behavioral Sciences

"Examining nutrition status and implications on health and food security of food pantry clients at Neighborhood Services, Inc."
Meera Nagarajan, Human Nutrition
Advisor: Michelle Kaiser, Social Work

"Happily ever after?: An analysis on the success of the resettlement of North Korean defectors in South Korea"
Mika  Sasaki, Education-Integrated Language Arts, English Education
Advisor: Pil Ho Kim, Arts and Sciences - Arts and Humanities