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Career-Based Intervention Endorsement (CBI)

No longer accepting students effective Autumn Semester 2016

The CBI endorsement requires that the paperwork for entry to the program be initiated by the hiring school district and is for teachers who have earned a degree in education, hold licenses/certificates for grades K-12, have taught for at least two years, and have one year of work experience outside education. By completing the CBI Program, teachers earn a CBI endorsement.

Courses Required

Course NumberCourse Name and Description
5680 (U/G)
2 Credit Hours
Introduction to Career-Based Intervention: An intensive workshop designed to provide an introduction to Career-Based Intervention. (Summer Semester)
5633 (U/G)
3 Credit Hours
Instructional Strategies for Career-Based Intervention Programs: Preparation and delivery of lessons, placement, and follow-up of students on the job. (Autumn Semester)
5655 (U/G)
3 Credit Hours
Coordination of Work-Based Learning for Career-Technical Education Programs: Designed to develop the knowledge, attitudes, and competencies to effectively operate a cooperative career-technical education program. (Spring Semester)

An endorsement of a teacher license, valid for teaching the subject or learners named, shall be issued to an individual who holds a baccalaureate degree; who is deemed to be of good moral character; who has successfully completed an approved program of preparation; who has successfully completed an examination prescribed by the State Board of Education; and who has been recommended by the dean or head of teacher education at an approved institution. The endorsement shall be limited to the age and grade levels listed on the teacher license.

Career Based Intervention shall require a baccalaureate degree, two years of successful teaching experience under a standard license/certificate, and one year of full-time work experience outside of education.

Summer Workshop Registration Instructions

Directions to Apply for the Career-Based Intervention Endorsement

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