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Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Studies, Educational Policy

The PhD program in Educational Policy at The Ohio State University trains students to become experts who use scholarly research to influence and shape conversations that shed new light on important issues facing teachers, students and administrators in education today and in the future.


In the doctoral program in Educational Policy, you will work with faculty engaged in ongoing research in educational policy. As your interests develop you will begin to craft an emergent program of study that reflects your own interests.

Educational policy research can focus on specific policy agendas that have national and local implications, such as the current federal Race to the Top legislation. Our students' current research includes leadership in education, school safety, education reform and parental involvement in schools.

It can focus more generally on aspects of policy movements (virtual high schools, venture philanthropy, etc.). It can employ qualitative, quantitative, historical or other methods. It can even pursue more theoretical questions. The program mobilizes faculty expertise in these and other areas.

As a student in educational policy, you will identify and formulate your research areas of interest, attend conferences and work and write with faculty early in your studies - and continue to do so throughout the program.

Career Paths

With a doctorate in Educational Policy you are ready for a career as a scholar at a college or university. Graduates also go on to leadership roles in government, non-profit agencies and all levels of education.

Program Requirements

Deadline to apply: December 1
Program start: Autumn semester
Prerequisites: Master's degree, valid GRE scores
Minimum semester hours to degree completion: 60
Program requirements: Core courses (6 hours), specialization courses (30 hours), research methods (9 hours), dissertation (6 hours), research apprenticeship (9 hours)
Academic Opportunities: Graduate associateship, scholarships, university fellowships
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Ann Allen, PhD, Professor
Antoinette Errante, PhD, Associate Professor
Belinda Gimbert, PhD, Associate Professor
Yvonne Goddard, PhD, Associate Professor
James Moore, PhD, EHE Distinguished Professor
Jan Nespor, PhD, Professor
Miriam Shenkar, PhD, Senior Lecturer
Tatiana Suspitsyna, PhD, Associate Professor
Richard Voithofer, PhD, Associate Professor
Bryan Warnick, PhD, Professor

Affiliated Faculty
Joshua Hawley, PhD, Associate Professor - John Glenn College of Public Affairs