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Dual Licensure Primary General Education & Intervention Specialist (P-5)

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Graduates of this program will be prepared to teach in preschool and elementary classrooms, providing instruction to children with and without disabilities. Graduates will complete coursework toward two teaching licenses: Primary Education (P-5) and Primary Intervention Specialist (P-5). Significant field experiences are integrated throughout the program, providing opportunities for students to interact with professionals, children and families in a variety of settings and complete major course assignments in those settings.

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Career Paths

Intervention specialist

Facilitating the education of students with mild to intensive disabilities in grades Preschool-5th grade

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Preschool-5th grade general education teacher

Creating an inclusive learning environment for students with and without disabilities

Early education

Related work in clinical settings, hospitals, libraries, or museums

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Degree Requirements

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Autumn Semester/Spring Semester

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