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Pre-Education Field Experience

The pre-education field experience provides undergraduate students the opportunity to work in a supervised professional setting at schools or community agencies.


  • Professionalism and culture of inclusion in working with youth
  • Responsibilities involved with the work in a professional setting
  • Essential aspects of learning that occur in and out of classrooms
  • Initiating the process of transforming theory and university coursework into professional practice


  • In inclusive classroom/educational spaces, language and community
  • Work with youth in one-on-one, small group and whole class settings
  • Build on and go beyond past experiences and histories
  • Learn directly from professional educators

The field sites include options working with students K-12 in public, private and independent school classrooms; after-school programming; tutoring; and family programming settings. Every attempt is made to accommodate scholarly interests, schedules and transportation.

Course Details

EDUTL 2189 Pre-education Field Placement is offered autumn and spring semesters and is comprised of two components:

  • 1.5-hour weekly course seminar
  • 2 hour/week field placement requirement

Answers to other important EDUTL 2189 course questions are available in our frequently asked questions.

Applying to the Pre-Education Field Placement

An application must be completed one semester in advance to enroll in EDUTL 2189 (e.g. register during autumn semester for participation in the spring semester).

Also look for an email from Undergraduate Student Services that includes a link to the official application prior to scheduling courses for the next semester.



After submitting your application:

  • Look for an email containing course codes to register via Buckeyelink. Contact your advisor if you experience difficulties.
  • Accept an invitation to a CARMEN compliance shell with required documents to be completed. Start on these requirements immediately.

Once enrolled:

  • An email from your instructor is sent with field placement site options based on your area of study.
  • Respond via CARMEN Quiz with your two site preferences, including an option 1 and option 2.
  • Sign up for two hours per week in your placement.

Background Check Requirements

The following five items are required by the school districts and/or the Office of Accreditation, Placement and Licensure before going into any school:

  • Ohio BCI&I background check 3319.291
  • FBI background check 3319.291
  • Student Field Experience Application
  • Standards of Behavior Form
  • Activities and Programs with Minor Participant Policy Training

Important Background Check Details

Request the correct background checks. It is important that you specifically request BCI&I background check  3319.291 School Employees - Teachers Only and FBI background check 3319.291. If you do not get these exact background checks, they will need to be redone and paid for again. The most efficient and timely way to get your background checks completed is to work through The Ohio State University Office of Human Resources.

Background checks are valid for one calendar year. If your background check will expire during the term you take this course, you must renew before the deadline listed in Carmen. Background checks must be valid for the entire semester you are in a placement.

A current background check is required to attend field placements. Without one, you cannot participate in your placement. Please note: background checks are complete only after they have cleared. Having applied for a background check by the deadline is not sufficient. Therefore, you need to begin that process shortly after you complete your pre-education field placement application.

All documents need to be submitted by the specified deadline in the Carmen compliance document shell. Usually, all documents are due prior to the end of the semester in which you applied. If your documents are not submitted by the deadline (including cleared background checks) you will not be able to start your placement. It is important to start completing the requirements as soon as you receive the invitation to the Carmen compliance shell.

Answers to other important EDUTL 2189 course questions are available in our frequently asked questions.


Program Coordinator
Deborah Morbitt, MEd