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EDUTL Course Permission Request Form

The Department of Teaching and Learning (EDUTL) manages enrollment permission for all EDUTL undergraduate courses as well as EDUTL courses for our teacher licensure programs (BSEd and MEd). 
Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • EDUTL 2368 - Introduction for Children's Literature
  • EDUTL 5005 - Equity and Diversity
  • EDUTL 5469 - Understanding Phonics and its Role in Instruction. 

The Department also processes enrollment permission for the following graduate courses:

  • EDUTL 7193 - Individual Studies (1-15 cr. hrs.)
  • EDUTL 7999 - Thesis Research (1-15 cr. hrs.)
  • EDUTL 8998 - Research Apprenticeship in T&L (2-8 cr. hrs.)
  • EDUTL 8999 - Dissertation Research (1-15 cr. hrs.) 

Please read the following information before submitting your request.

  • Complete the form and indicate the correct class number as well as the correct instructor. 
  • Make sure to check the “Notes” section of the course on BuckeyeLink’s Schedule of Classes to see more information on reserved seats. Some classes have reserved seats for specific programs. Unfilled seats will open up closer to the start of the semester. 
  • Once the form is complete, a notice will be sent to the TLAS office. They will correspond with the instructor of the course to relay the request and seek permission. Once the instructor/advisor responds: 
    • If you are a Graduate Student within T&L, TLAS will process the enrollment. 
    • If you are a Graduate Student outside of T&L, TLAS will send the permission to the appropriate academic office. 
    • If you are an Undergraduate Student, TLAS will offer permission and will forward that permission to your advisor. 

Please complete the following form to request permission to enroll in an EDUTL course:

EDUTL Course Permission Request Form

Please be sure to complete your Financial Responsibility Statement (FRS) to avoid any delays in course registration.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email