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T&L Departmental Practices and Procedures FY22

Dept. Practice Concerning Short Description
Computer Equipment 4‐year rotation for staff & faculty ONLY. Requests for additional equipment charged to Faculty Spending Allocation (FSA) or other faculty fund as appropriate. Total FY22 budget of $30,000; max of $2,000 per faculty/staff member
Exceptions to Univ. Policy Requests under $25 denied without review (exceptions apply)
Faculty Allocations Up to $750 per year for post‐tenure faculty; Up to $1,200 per year for pre‐tenure faculty, not to exceed total FSA balance of $2,000. Maximum carry forward of $2,000 annually.
Funding Requests Written proposals sent to Chair for consideration, with follow‐up discussion if necessary
GA Fund Up to 4 years of funding from department/college‐backed sources combined. Not applicable to extramural research/OSP funds
International Travel Grants Suspended for FY22 pending university travel guidance.
Lecturer Rates $4400 for Master Degree; $5400 for PhD
Faculty Overloads $6,000 per 3cr course. Summer is counted as part of the academic year immediately prior. Faculty should report to Chair (for approval) and HR (for pay entry) no later than May for the forthcoming summer
Purchasing Strategies Reviewed annualy by admin team
Rennovation Requests Suspended for FY22. Emergency and/or essential renovations will be considered. Cosmetic changes charged to faculty funds.
Space Allocations Faculty notified when vacant spaces are available; Staff offerred space as necessary, per the Chair and Associate Chair. Lecturers & GA's share space as determined by the Office of the Chair. Visiting scholars offered space when available.
Special Medical Requests Requests for furniture, equipment, etc. forwarded to HRG for review; documentation from physician required.
Staff Professional Development Support Up to $500 per person, per fiscal year. Requires proposal with FO, Chair, HR, and supervisor approval. Budget of $7,500 for FY22
Student Travel Grants Up to $300 per year processed through SFA, for up to 3 years. Priority given to those presenting at conferences, first‐time applicants, and those who do not have additional sources of funding. Budget of $10,000 for FY22.
Xerox Allocations 400 B&W copies from machine; 400 copies from computer ‐ per semester. Requests for exceptions to be entered via eRequest; Chair requests written commitment to use electronic resources such as Canvas, e‐mail, or issue to students as course packet for purchase.