Certificate in Educational Ethics and Social Justice

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A certificate in Educational Ethics and Social Justice will prepare you to understand and evaluate thorny ethical issues such as student privacy, classroom punishment, access, equity, and achievement gaps among marginalized groups. This 12-credit-hour certificate program focuses on the historical contexts, theories, values, and aims of ethical conduct in education, exploring what it means to be ethical and justice-minded educators.

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Program features 

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  • ESPHE 4403 - Ethics and the Professional Context of Education (3 credits) 

Supporting Courses (choose 3) 

  • ESPHE 3410 - Philosophy of Education (3 credits) 
  • ESPHE 4280 - History of Modern Education (3 credits) 
  • ESPHE 5440 - Philosophical Perspectives on Race, Education, and Citizenship (3 credits) 
  • ESPOL 3312 - Conflict, Power, and Voice in Public Education (3 credits) 
  • ESPHE 3206 - School and Society (3 credits) 
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Certificate Requirements

Must be a current Ohio State student. All courses must be completed at Ohio State

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Minimum Program hours


Minimum Course grades

C- for all courses

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Certificate/Degree overlap

Maximum 50% of credit hours

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