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Financial Planning Minor

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Do you see yourself working with families and individuals? Do you want to take advantage of the many job openings and high entrance salaries in the financial planning field? With a Financial Planning minor you will set yourself up for a career in personal finance. 

  1. You will fulfill the education requirement for the Certified Financial PlannerTM (CFP®) professional designation, if combined with BUSFIN 3222 and BUSFIN 3300. 

  1. Coursework directly applies to the financial planning of individuals and families. 

  1. Three courses overlap with the Insurance Minor at Fisher College of Business. Get both minors while in college. 

  1. Benefits: Small class sizes and practical coursework that not only will help you land a career in the financial services field, it will also help you understand and improve your own personal financial success. 

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Student Opportunities

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Why a career in financial planning? 

Financial planning is a growing profession as the Baby Boomer generation is retiring and about to pass on its wealth to the younger generations, needing the help of financial planning professionals. At the same time, the average age of financial planners today is 50 and a large number of financial planners are close to retirement. Financial planning firms are eager to hire young talent to meet the growing need for financial planning. 
The Certified Financial PlannerTM certification is the highest regarded professional designation in the financial planning industry. Our Financial Planning minor provides you with the coursework to qualify for admission to the CFP® exam. Our students network with the financial planning profession in Central Ohio and receive regular updates about internships and job offers. 

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The minor in Financial Planning services consists of a minimum of 14-15 credit hours. The minor is designed to enable students to understand effective financial management and planning decisions for individuals, families, and clients. Students must take three 3-credit courses and one 2-credit courses, and select one additional course (3-4 credits).

Required courses 

  • CSCFFS 3260 Fundamentals of Financial Planning (3 credits)
  • CSCFFS 4260 Family Tax Planning (3 credits)
  • CSCFFS 4280 Estate Planning for Individuals and Families (2 credits)
  • CSCFFS 5250 Retirement Planning and Employee Benefits (3 credits)

Elective course (Select one) 

  • CSCFFS 2260 Health Finances and Economic Wellbeing for Individuals and Families (3 credits) 
  • CSCFFS 3270 Families in Business (3 credits) 
  • CSCFFS 5260 Financial Planning Applications (4 credits; take this one for CFP®)

CFP® education requirement

  • Fulfilled with the seven courses BUSFIN 3222, BUSFIN 3300, CSCFFS 3260, CSCFFS 4260, CSCFFS 4280, CSCFFS 5250, and CSCFFS 5260. 

Overlap with Fisher College of Business Insurance Minor

  • BUSFIN 3300, CFFS 3260, and CFFS 4260. 
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Minor Requirements 

The academic program coordinator in the College of Education and Human Ecology must approve the Minor Program Form. The student must file the approved form with a college or school counselor.

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Minimum Credit Hours


Minimum GPA


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Grades required

C- or better

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