Counselor Education (EDUCST-PH, WCE)

Department of Educational Studies
Specialization Curriculum
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Specialization leading to Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Studies

Program Requirements (15 hours)

Common Core  (6 hours)

  • EDUCST 6891 Proseminar in Educational Studies (3)
  • EDUCST 6892 Educational Policy and Inequality in Social and Cultural Context: Integrating Research Traditions (3)

Research Core (choose three, 9 hours)

Students will select 9 hours from the following list of course sequences. Students will select one sequence, plus an additional course that reflects their research interests.

ANOVA Sequence:

  • ESQREM 7648 Univariate Experimental Design (4)
  • ESQREM 8648 Multivariate Experimental Designs (4)    
  • One more research course (3)  

Regression Sequence:

  • ESQREM 7651 Regression Analysis (4)
  • ESQREM 8658 Applied Multilevel Data Analysis (3)      
  • One more research course (3)  

Qualitative Sequence:

  • ESQUAL 8280 Qualitative Research in Education: Paradigms, Theories, and Exemplars (3)  
  • ESQUAL 8290 Qualitative Research in Education: Methods and Analysis (3)
  • One more research course (3)  

Classroom Discourse Sequence:

  • ESQUAL 8210 Qualitative Research: The Analysis of Interaction in Educational Settings (3)
  • ESQUAL 8211 Analysis of Classroom Discourse (3)
  • One more research course (3)  

Specialized Sequence:

Students, in consultation with their advisors, may design their own methodology sequence. This is particularly suited to humanistic scholarship in education (e.g., history or philosophy of education). To complete a specialized sequence, students must take three methodology courses relevant to their research interests. Specialized research plans are approved by the Graduate Studies Committee.

Specialization Requirements (37 hours)

Required Courses (16 hours)

  • ESCE 8100 Leadership in Counselor Education (3)
  • ESCE 8200 Critical Pedagogy Issues in Counselor Education (3)
  • ESCE 8300 Developing a Research Identity in Counselor Education (3)
  • ESCE 8400 Critical Research Issues in Counselor Education (3)
  • ESCE 8895 Seminars: Counselor Education (4 seminars = 1 credit/semester; taken over 4 semesters)

Supervised Practice and Internship: (12 hours)

  • ESCE 8191.01 Doctoral Practicum in Counselor Education (2‐8)
  • ESCE 8191.02 Doctoral Internship: Counselor Education‐ Supervision (2‐10)
  • ESCE 8191.03 Doctoral Internship: Counselor Education‐ Teaching (2‐10)
  • ESCE 8191.04 Doctoral Internship: Counselor Education‐ Counseling (2‐10)
  • ESCE 8191.05 Doctoral Internship: Counselor Education – Research (2‐10)

Students who enter the doctoral program without the following courses (or equivalent) in the Master’s degree programs must complete these courses in addition to the Counselor Education core requirements elsewhere in this section.

  • ESCE 7934 Theories of Counseling Supervision (1.5)
  • ESCE 6931 Diagnosis of Mental & Emotional Disorders (3)

Supporting Cognate Area (9 hours)

A cognate is focused study in an area outside, but related to, the student’s area of specialization. The cognate adds breadth to the specialization. Cognates must be approved by the student’s advisor and the Graduate Studies Committee.

Dissertation Requirement (6 hours)

Consult with faculty advisor

  • ESCE 8999 Dissertation/Thesis Research: Counselor Education (minimum 6)

Minimum hours post‐MA/MS: 58

Program Degree Department Email
Doctoral Educational Studies


Note: Students exact curriculum may vary depending upon program of study determined by student and advisor.