Fashion and Retail Studies Minor (TXTLCLO-MN)

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The minor is designed to enhance understanding of merchandising of fashion products to meet the needs of consumers and retail industries. There are three learning goals for the minor: (1) Students acquire fundamental knowledge of the fashion and retail industries, (2) Students solve problems creatively in consumer and industry related settings, AND (3) Students develop communication skills in individual and group settings. For further information about the minor program, contact the college.

Minimum of 14 credit hours required. At least 6 credit hours must be at the 3000-level or above.

PART A – Take both courses (6 credits)

  • CSFRST 2370 Aesthetics of Fashion and Retail (3)
  • CSFRST 2373 Business of Fashion and Retailing (3)

PART B – Choose 1 course (3 credits)

Courses not taken in Part B, can be used in Part C

  • CSFRST 3470 Apparel Product Development I (3)
  • CSFRST 3330 Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability & Entrepreneurship in Fashion & Hospitality Industries (3)
  • CSFRST 4575 Retail Environments (3)

PART C – Choose 2 courses (5-6 credits)

At least 3 credits from PART C must be 3000-level or above

Students should note course pre-requisites before planning which Part C courses to choose. Courses cannot double count in Part B and C.

  • CSFRST 2300* Branding in Fashion, Hospitality, & Sport Industries (3)
  • CSFRST 2371 Textiles (3)
  • CSFRST 2372 Appearance, Dress & Cultural Diversity (3)
  • CSFRST 2374 20th Century Fashion & Beyond (3)
  • CSFRST 2375 From Folk to Funk to Festivals: The Interplay between Music and Dress (3)
  • CSFRST 3330* Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability & Entrepreneurship in Fashion & Hospitality Industries (3)
  • CSFRST 3910* Consumer Service and Satisfaction (3)
  • CSFRST 3950* Use of Social Media & IT in Fashion, Hospitality & Sport Industries (3)
  • CSFRST 3470 Apparel Product Development I (3)
  • CSFRST 3471 Apparel Manufacturing Decisions (3)
  • CSFRST 3474 Fashion Forecasting (3)
  • CSFRST 3585 Retail Merchandising I (3)
  • CSFRST 4570 Apparel Product Development and Technical Packages (3)
  • CSFRST 4571 Technical Packs for Apparel Product Development & Manufacturing (3)
  • CSFRST 4575 Retail Environments (3)
  • CSFRST 4576 Global Sourcing and Trade in Textile Products (3)
  • CSFRST 4577 Fashion & Retail Promotion (3)
  • CSFRST 4583 International Retailing (3)
  • CSFRST 4585 Merchandise Buying & Management (3)
  • CSFRST 4680* Strategic Management in Fashion & Hospitality Industries (3)
  • CSFRST 4990 Practicum in Con Sci (1-3)
  • CSFRST 4998 Research in Con Sci (1-3)

Check prerequisites.

*Denotes course is cross-listed in CSHSPMG

Fashion and Retail Studies minor program guidelines

The following guidelines govern this minor:

Required for graduation: No

Credit hours required: A minimum of 14 credits. 1000 level courses shall not be counted in the minor. At least 6 credit hrs. must be upper-level hours.

Transfer and EM credit hours allowed: A student is permitted to count up to 6 total hours of transfer credit and/or credit by examination.

Overlap with the GE: A student is permitted to overlap up to 6 credit hours between the GE and the minor.

Overlap with the major and additional minor(s): The minor must be in a different subject than the major. The minor must contain a minimum of 12 hours distinct from the major and/or additional minor(s).

Grades required: Minimum C- for a course to be listed on the minor. Minimum 2.00 cumulative point-hour ratio required for the minor. Course work graded Pass/Non-Pass cannot count on the minor. No more than 3 credit hours of coursework graded Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory may count toward the minor.

Minor approval: Minor program approval is not required, as long as there is no variation from the minor program sheet. Any variations from the minor as indicated must be approved by the EHE Office of Academic Affairs located in A100 PAES Building (614-292-9261). A student’s primary advisor can add the minor with the program code at the top of this sheet.

Filing the minor program form: The minor program form must be filed at least by the time the graduation application is submitted to a college/school counselor.

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Note: Students exact curriculum may vary depending upon program of study determined by student and advisor.