Fundamentals of Hospitality Services Certificate (FHS-C)

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The Department of Human Sciences from the College of Education and Human Ecology, at the Ohio State University is proud to offer the Certificate Program in Fundamentals of Hospitality Services. Designed to train hospitality professionals for positions of service leadership within hospitality organizations, this program will prepare participants for a meaningful future in service management and administration. Candidates in this program will receive 12 credit hours of Hospitality classes including a 1 credit hour field practicum.

The undergraduate certificate in Hospitality Services consists of a minimum of 12 credit hours. The certificate is designed to enable hospitality industry professionals and students to understand the hospitality industry, with special emphasis on identification and solution of service management problems.

Part A – Required courses (11 credits):

  • CSHSPMG 2600 Intro to Hospitality Management - 2 hrs
  • CSHSPMG 2800 Hotel Management - 3 hrs (prereq or concur 2600)
  • CSHSPMG 3720 Food Service Management - 3 hrs (prereq or concur 2600)
  • CSHSPMG 3910 Consumer Service and Satisfaction – 3 hrs

Part B – Field Practicum (Select 1 course – 1 credit)

  • CSHSPMG 2810 Hotel Management Practicum - 1 hrs (prereq or concur 2600, Concur or prereq: 2800)
  • CSHSPMG 3730 Food Service Management Practicum - 1 hrs (prereq or concur 2600, Concur or prereq: 3720)

The EHE Certificate Specialist in the College of Education and Human Ecology must approve the Certificate Program Form. The student must file the approved form with a college or school counselor. For further information about the certificate program, contact

Learning outcomes:

  1. Build awareness of the career and professional opportunities in the Hospitality business sector.
  2. Understand the basic components or all of the departments of the hotel and their contribution to the operation.
  3. Understand the operation procedures in various categories of foodservice operations.
  4. Understand the value of and be able to implement service techniques to build relationships with consumers.

Fundamentals of Hospitality Services certificate program guidelines

Eligible candidates:

Appropriate candidates for this program include

  • Persons who are currently employed in the hospitality industry or related service industries
  • Persons who are not currently employed in the hospitality industry or related service industries, but are seeking to reenter the workforce
  • OSU students in majors not related to hospitality industry
  • Other applicants with special circumstances will be considered

International applicants need 85 TOEFL score Minimum previous education: High School Degree


The total cost of the program is based on the number of credit hours and a current OSU undergraduate tuition and fees.

How to Apply:

Step 1: Potential candidates should contact EHE Certificate Specialist Derraya Miller.

Step 2: Apply for Undergraduate Admissions using the link here: Applicant New User Reg. (

Course Delivery:

Course can be delivered in face-to-face, hybrid and online mode. For further information about course delivery in a specific semester, contact the department.

Credit hours:

required A minimum of 12 credit hrs.

Transfer credit hours allowed:

A maximum of 6. Overlap with the major Not allowed and

  • The certificate must be in a different subject than the major.

Overlap with minors Not allowed

  • The certificate must be in a different subject than the minor

Grades required:

  • Minimum C- for a course to count on the certificate.
  • Minimum 2.00 cumulative point-hour ratio required for the minor
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Note: Students exact curriculum may vary depending upon program of study determined by student and advisor.