Graduate Certificate in Core Practices in World Language Education

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World Language Education
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Endorsements and Graduate Studies

This certificate may be completed as Graduate Non-Degree status; enrollment in a master's program is not a requirement. No more than ten (10) hours of graduate credit accumulated while in the graduate non-degree classification may be counted toward a graduate degree. Students may transfer 6 credits from a certificate program to a degree-granting program.

Program Requirements

  • Prerequisite: Students enrolled in this program should have access to a classroom where the practices can be implemented
  • GPA requirement: Students must obtain a letter grade of "B" or better in each of the required courses below
  • Non-OSU Coursework: No credits from other institutions will be allowed to fulfill certificate requirements

Required Courses

  • EDUTL 5600 Language as a Resource (3 hrs)
  • EDUTL 5613 Core Practices in World Language Education (3 hrs)
  • EDUTL 5645 Core Practices in Language Assessment (3 hrs)
  • EDUTL 5618 Advanced Core Practices in World Language Education (3 hrs)
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Graduate Certificate Teaching and Learning


Note: Students exact curriculum may vary depending upon program of study determined by student and advisor.