Multi-Age (K-12) Licensure in Health Education

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This program prepares teachers in the area of school health education across grades K-12. This is not a stand-alone credential. Health Education licensure candidates must either have, or be in the process, of acquiring a license in another Physical Education. The curriculum for the health education program was selected by using the guidelines developed by the American Association for Health Education and the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (AAHE/NCATE). The National Health Education Standards developed by the Joint Committee on National Health Education Standards were also utilized to develop the curriculum.

Course work (24 hours)

Classes for the health education license may be taken in any order, except the methods and field experience courses, which must be taken last and sequentially (KNPE 4743, then KNPE 4189.30).

Foundations of School Health (5 hours)

  • KNSFHP 1103 Introduction to Health and Wellness in America Society (2)
  • KNHES 5651 Health Program Planning (3)

Content Area (Take a minimum of 13 hours from the list below)

  • HDFS 3440 Human Sexuality (3)
  • KNPE 2201 Concepts of Fitness and Wellness (3)
  • KNSFHP 1104 Stress Management for the College Student (3)
  • KNSFHP 3312 Issues in Alcohol/ Drug Use and Abuse (2)
  • KNSFHP 2250 Cancer Prevention (2)
  • HWIH 2110 Dimensions of Wellness and Resilience (3)
  • HWIH 2220 Wellness in Chronic Conditions I (3)
  • NURSNG 2102 Optimizing Personal Health, Happiness and Well-being (3)

Methods and Field Experiences (6 hours)

  • KNPE 4743 Teaching Health Educ in Elementary, Middle and High Schools (3)
  • KNPE 4189.30 Practicum in K-12 Health Education (3)

Fast Facts

Students must maintain a 2.75 GPA throughout coursework.

Upon completion of required coursework, but prior to the practicum students must pass the relevant state assessment(s). Please contact regarding relevant state assessment questions.

Students may take the classes in any order except:

  • The last two classes to be taken must be KNPE 4743 and then KNPE 4189.30 in that order

If you are not a current undergraduate student studying physical education, you will need to contact Dr. Phillip Ward,, to discuss your course of study.

Students are not required to complete the EdTPA for this second licensure.

Minimum hours: 24

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Note: Students exact curriculum may vary depending upon program of study determined by student and advisor.