Master of Education in STEM: Science

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  1. EDUTL 5005* Equity and Diversity in Education SU (3 hrs)
  2. EDUTL 5721* Methods in Teaching Secondary Science SU (3 hrs)
  3. EDUTL 5745* Assessment in STEM I: Introduction AU (7 week course) (1.5 hrs)
  4. EDUTL 5722* Methods in Teaching Secondary Science II AU (3 hrs)
  5. EDUTL 5744* Technologies in STEM AU (7 week course) (1.5 hrs)
  6. EDUTL 5189* Planned Field Experience AU (2 hrs)
  7. EDUTL 5195 Student Teaching Seminar AU (2 hrs)
  8. EDTL 5501 Inclusion: Philosophical, Social, and Proactive Issues AU (3)
  9. EDUTL 5191** Supervised Student Teaching SP (10 hrs)
  10. EDUTL 5195 Student Training Seminar SP (3 hrs)

* Minimum grade requirement is a B-
**Minimum grade requirement is a B


Total Hours: 37

Students who have completed any of the above courses at the undergraduate level, should consult with their faculty advisor concerning an approved supplemental course.

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Masters Teaching and Learning


Note: Students exact curriculum may vary depending upon program of study determined by student and advisor.