Teacher Leader

Department of Educational Studies
Graduate Non-degree Endorsement Program
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Required Courses (9 hours)

All coursework must be taken after the completion of a master’s degree and 4 successful years of teaching under a standard teaching license. Based on previous coursework, course substitutions may be required. All students must be admitted to the Teacher Leader Endorsement program and meet with an endorsement advisor for your list of required coursework.

  • ESEADM 6350 Introduction to Education Administration (3)
  • ESEADM 8421 Leading Professional learning for Educators (3)
  • ESEADM 7350 School Improvement for Educational Leaders (3)

Minimum hours: 9

Program Degree Department Email
Endorsement Educational Studies edstudies@osu.edu


Note: Students exact curriculum may vary depending upon program of study determined by student and advisor.