Program in Teaching Visual Impairments

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  • TVI coursework will be completed at the graduate-level as a Graduate Non-Degree Student.
  • GPA requirement: 3.0 or above in all coursework.
  • All courses with the exception of the Reading Electives and Phonics must be taken at The Ohio State University in order to be recommended for licensure.
  • After completing the coursework below, students must pass the OAE Content Knowledge Assessment: Special Education Specialist- Visually Impaired (Test Code 045).

Reading Core

  • *Reading Elective (see below for Approved Ohio State Reading Electives) (3 hours)
  • *Reading Elective (see below for Approved Ohio State Reading Electives (3 hours)
  • *EDUTL 5469 (669) Understanding Phonics and its Role in Instruction (3 hours)
  • EDUTL 5506 (833) Reading and Writing Braille 1st term (Autumn) at OSU (3 hours)

TVI Coursework

  • EDUTL 5507 (826) Visual Processes 1st term (Autumn) at OSU (3 hours)
  • EDUTL 5525 (747) Curriculum and Instruction for Students with Visual Impairments and Multiple Disabilities 2nd Term (Spring) at OSU (3 hours)
  • EDUTL 6530 (925.52) Professional Development in the Field of Visual Impairment 2nd Term (Spring) at OSU (3 hours)
  • EDUTL 7189 Advanced Field Placement 2nd Term (Spring) at OSU (1 hour)
  • EDUTL 5510 (685) Orientation and Mobility for Teachers of Students with Visual Disabilities 3rd Term (Summer) at OSU (2 hours)
  • EDUTL 5508 (835) Modes of Communication and Instructional Materials for Students with Visual Disabilities 3rd Term (Summer) at OSU (1 hour)
  • EDUTL 5191 (885.52) Internship 3rd Term (Summer) at OSU (3 hours)

*Course is an ODE requirement and is typically completed prior to the start of the TVI program. Students may contact T&L Academic Services to request to have their transcripts evaluated prior to admission. T&L Academic Services, in collaboration with the Sensory Impairments Program Manager and faculty, will determine if a candidate’s prior coursework can fulfill the Reading Core requirements. Should a student need to take a Reading Elective and/or Phonics at OSU, the TVI grant will ONLY fund EDUTL 5506 (833), EDUTL 5507 (826), EDUTL 5525 (747), EDUTL 6530 (925.52), EDUTL 7189, EDUTL 5510 (685), EDUTL 5508 (835), EDUTL 5191 (885.52) courses and NOT Reading Elective and EDUTL 5469 (669) in the Reading Core.

*Approved Ohio State Reading Electives

  • EDU T&L 2368 Introduction to Children’s Literature
  • EDU T&L 3356 Literature for Adolescents
  • EDU T&L 5225 Reading Multicultural Literature Across Middle Childhood Curricula
  • EDU T&L 5442 Teaching Reading Across the Curriculum
  • EDU T&L 5365* Linguistics for Literacy Education
  • EDU T&L 5453 Critical Literacy in Content Areas Classrooms
  • EDU T&L 5468 Reading Foundations
  • EDU T&L 7101 Drama, Literacy, and Learning
  • EDU T&L 7316 Language Arts in the Early & Middle Childhood Program
  • EDU T&L 7317 Advanced Course in Children’s Literature
  • EDU T&L 7322 Literature Across the Curriculum
  • EDU T&L 7332 Teaching and Research of Poetry in Middle & High School Contexts
  • EDU T&L 7340 Writing in the Early & Middle Grades Classroom
  • EDU T&L 7341 Poetry for Children
  • EDU T&L 7343 Literature for Middle Childhood
  • EDU T&L 7356 Advanced Literature for Adolescents
  • EDU T&L 7360 Reading and Writing Poetry for Educators: Bridges to Literacy & Life
  • EDU T&L 7361 Literature in Early Childhood Education
  • EDU T&L 7364 Multicultural Literature for Children and Young Adults
  • EDU T&L 7365* Applied Linguistics for Teachers of Reading/Language Arts
  • EDU T&L 7370 English Curriculum: Past, Present & Future
  • EDU T&L 7393 Teaching Writing
  • EDU T&L 7418 Synthesizing Research in Reading and Literacy
  • EDU T&L 7421 Guided Survey of Research in Reading


  • 4000-level courses and below are undergraduate-level courses
  • 5000-level courses can be considered undergraduate OR graduate-level courses
  • 6000-level courses and above are graduate-level courses

Total Credits (Minimum of 19)

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Licensure Teaching and Learning


Note: Students exact curriculum may vary depending upon program of study determined by student and advisor.