Workforce Development and Education (EDUCST-PH, WDE)

Department of Educational Studies
Specialization Curriculum
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Specialization leading to Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Studies

Program Requirements (57 hours)

Doctoral Core Courses (6 hours)

  • EDUCST 6891 Proseminar in Educational Policy and Leadership (3)
  • EDUCST 6892 Educational Policy and Inequality in Social and Cultural Context: Integrating Research Traditions (3)

Research Requirements (min 9 hours)

Students will select 9 hours from the following list of course sequences. Students will select one sequence, plus an additional course that reflects their research interests. This coursework will be selected by the student in consultation with the advisor, and is subject to the rules of the Graduate Studies Committee. Some areas of concentrations have additional research requirements or specify specific courses.

General Linear Model Sequence:

  • ESQREM 7648 GLM I: Introduction to Regression and ANOVA (4)
  • ESQREM 7658 GLM II: Advanced Regression and ANOVA (4)
  • One more research course (3)

Qualitative Sequence:

  • ESQUAL 8280 Qualitative Research in Education: Paradigms, Theories, and Exemplars (3)
  • ESQUAL 8290 Qualitative Research in Education: Methods and Analysis (3)
  • One more research course (3)

Classroom Discourse Sequence:

  • ESQUAL 8210 Qualitative Research: The Analysis of Interaction in Educational Settings (3)
  • ESQUAL 8211 Analysis of Classroom Discourse (3)
  • One more research course (3) Research

Foundations Sequence:

  • ACEL 8855 Research Methods and Design (3)
  • ACEL 8877 Data Collection, Instrumentation and Analysis (3)
  • One more research course (3)

Specialized Sequence:

Students, in consultation with their advisors, may design their own methodology sequence. This is particularly suited to humanistic scholarship in education (e.g., history or philosophy of education). To complete a specialized sequence, students must take three methodology courses relevant to their research interests. Specialized research plans are approved by the Graduate Studies Committee.

WDE Specialization Requirements (18 hours)

Required Courses (12 hours)

  • ESWDE 7000.01 Contemporary Research in Workforce Development and Education: Career and Technical Education (3)
  • ESWDE 7000.02 Contemporary Research in Workforce Development and Education: Human Resources Development and Adult Education (3)
  • ESWDE 8911 Theoretical and Scholarly Perspectives on Workforce Development and Education (3)
  • ESWDE 8961 Comparative Workforce Development Policy (3)

Elective Requirements (choose two, 6 hours)

  • ESWDE 5624 Foundations of Workforce Development (3)
  • ESWDE 7648 Evaluation of Adult Education and Human Resource Development Programs (3)
  • ESWDE 7757 Aspects of Human Resource Development (3, every other year)
  • ESWDE 7935.40 Program Planning in Adult Education (3, every other year)
  • ESWDE 8932 Adult Learning Theory (3, every other year)

Cognate (12 hours)

A cognate represents a depth of knowledge in an area of inquiry outside of workforce development and education. Cognates are selected with advice from the student’s advisor and related to the student’s area of research. For example a student who is interested in adult education and distance learning might take a three course sequence in educational technology.

Research Apprenticeship (9 hours)

Under the supervision of faculty, students are required to take nine credit hours of work focused on the preparation of conference presentations and/or publications, or on intensive study relevant to the dissertation.

  • EDUCST 8191 Research Apprenticeship

Dissertation Requirement (3 hours, over a minimum of two semesters)

Consult with faculty advisor

  • ESWDE 8999 Dissertation/Thesis Research: Workforce Development and Education

Minimum hours post-MA/MS: 57

Program Degree Department Email
Doctoral Educational Studies


Note: Students exact curriculum may vary depending upon program of study determined by student and advisor.