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Internship Guide

The College of Education and Human Ecology's (EHE) Career Development recognizes there are various definitions of "internship" and encourages students to pursue any opportunity that will provide valuable experience to explore careers and develop credentials to present to employers. Here are some of the internship structures that one might encounter.

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Researching an Internship

It is suggested that students properly plan for an internship by beginning the research process at least two (2) semesters in advance of completing your internship for credit.

Gain information about internships in any of the following ways:

  • Meet with EHE Career Development, Nancy Dugan or your program area internship instructor and ask about criteria for an approved internship.
  • Attend job fairs, employer information sessions, and networking opportunities on campus.
  • Research job boards: Handshake, Columbus Internships, Ohio Means Internships.
  • Visit Career Development and learn how to research for an internship, update or revise your resume, cover letter, and schedule a mock interview.

Make contact with potential employers in one of the following ways:

  • Fill out the company's internship, volunteer, or employment application.
  • Contact a company that you wish to work for and request an informational interview.
  • Apply through Handshake.
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  • Prepare for the interview with the potential employer - research company, practice interviewing.
  • Interview with employer.
  • Send a thank you to the employer.
  • Be patient and wait for an internship offer.

Obtaining Credit for an Internship

Internship Deadlines

Internship Courses and Prerequisites