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Workshops and Presentations

Partner With Us

Work with us. Our office will be in touch with your department this academic year to discuss the ways we can bring our expertise to your students and share the most powerful ways they can utilize our career services and resources.

Options include:

  • hosting a workshop
  • class presentation on our services
  • career strategies
  • internships and gaining credit
  • how to use social media
  • writing successful resumes and cover letters

We would love to connect for a conversation. Together, we will provide students with the career skills they will need to find their place in the world.

Let us come to you – we can show your students how to find and prepare for an internship, career and graduate school. To request a presentation please email Nancy Dugan.

Working With Students

Be an EHE career advocate. Encourage students to visit our office early in their academic careers to get them started down a meaningful and fulfilling career path. If you are approached for direct career advice from a student and want more information or guidance, please share our website with the student, Career Development, or have them stop by the office to schedule an appointment at 201 Campbell Hall.

Interested in Jobs & Internships for our Students?

Interested in a student account in Handshake? Please contact Nancy Dugan. You will be able to search jobs, internships, career fairs, workshops and information sessions on campus.