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Transfer and Education Abroad Credit

Current and recently admitted students who earn credit at another college or university must send their official transcripts to the Ohio State Admissions Office. Once processed, transfer credits will show on your transfer credit report. If a credit isn’t listed in your transfer credit report, it is likely that Ohio State either hasn’t received your official transcripts or is still processing those credits.

Interpreting your Transfer Credit Report

Depending on how your credit transferred, you may need to take extra action in order to get your credits to count at Ohio State.

Instructions on how to run your Transfer Credit Report are available from the University Registrar.

Credit will most likely show on your Transfer Credit Report as:

Direct Equivalent

Direct course matches will count and act just as if you took the course at Ohio State, i.e. MATH 122 at Kent State equates to MATH 1148 at Ohio State

General Credit

You will need to take action with any general credit, i.e. HISTORY G000.21, in order to have it count toward your Ohio State degree hours. Without action, this credit will not count at Ohio State.

General credit is designed to eventually count at Ohio State, but needs further evaluation by the department associated with the credit. The department will either change the credit to a direct equivalent or Special Credit. Then it can count toward your degree here.

The University Registrar shares how to evaluate general credits you want to transfer. It also provides contact info for each department at Ohio State. You will need to provide a course syllabus to the department so they can evaluate the transfer course and determine how it will count.

Special Credit

Special credit, i.e. PED 1206 at Ohio University counts as KINESIO S000.01 at Ohio State, does not need further evaluation. The department associated with the credit has already evaluated the transfer course and determined that it does not have a direct course match at Ohio State. However, it still counts toward your overall credits at Ohio State.

It may be possible for special credit to count toward specific major, minor or general education requirements by petition. Talk with your academic advisor to explore whether this makes sense for your credit.

Education Abroad Credit Evaluations

Students completing an approved education abroad experience through Ohio State’s Office of International Affairs should follow its credit evaluation instructions.

If you plan to take any courses abroad that fall within the College of Education and Human Ecology, our Transfer Credit Coordinator will be able to evaluate the courses to determine if/how they can count at Ohio State. It is best to submit courses for evaluation before departing for your education abroad experience.

For education abroad course evaluations, email Pete Locascio with:

  • A copy of the course syllabus
  • The name and dates of your education abroad program
  • Your name and Ohio State ID