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Thank you for supporting EHE breakthroughs

You remember your experience at Ohio State fondly. Now, you want to give back to champion the College of Education and Human Ecology (EHE) and your passions.

Supporting EHE bolsters breakthrough research and innovative practices.

Your generosity helps develop our nation’s next generation of educators, financial advisors, dietitians, policymakers, exercise scientists, event coordinators, counselors, fashion merchandisers, and childhood education researchers. 

Because of you, our dedicated faculty and outstanding students will lead a new wave of thinking — imagining new possibilities for learners, consumers, families and communities.

Help us help improve the world.


Support Key EHE Funds

O-H-I-O by EHE Ambassadors

The Ohio State Fund for the College of Education and Human Ecology

Develop students into global citizens, recruit world-class faculty, share research at international conferences and more.
Fund Number: 301705


Brag Group

EHE Student Emergency Aid Fund

Provide emergency fund for students who experience crisis situations, such as life-threatening illnesses or a death in the family.
Fund Number: 313540


Grad Class Man

Education Alumni Scholarship

Make degrees affordable for outstanding education students who aim to become teachers, principals, policy makers and leaders in education. 
Fund Number: 601890


Childhood Education

Human Ecology Alumni Scholarship

Help fund the education of students who will shape social behaviors and help others improve their health, wellness and consumer experiences. 
Fund Number: 601904


Grad Class Man

Schoenbaum Family Center Program Fund

Keep the Schoenbaum Family Center at Weinland Park on the cutting edge in serving the community's children with the greatest needs. 
Fund Number: 310828


Grad Class Man

Homeless Youth Research Fund

Support outreach for and research on homeless youth in Columbus and Central Ohio.
Fund Number: 315804


Department Funds to Support 

You also can support the program area in which you were a student. Don’t see your program? Interested in supporting another area? Please contact our Office of Advancement team

Educational Studies

  • Support the Student Personnel Assistantship Program Support Fund. This fund allows students in the Student Personnel Assistantship program to finish their dissertations and present their research at national conferences. 

Fund Number: 303812

  • Fund for the Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation at The Ohio State University, to support Ohio State’s Suicide Prevention program. Donations assist with funding the program’s education, outreach and research efforts. 

Fund Number: 312040

Human Sciences

  • The Fashion and Retail Studies Student Experience Fund, to support the enrichment and enhancement of students’ development outside the classroom in preparation for real-world employment. 

Fund Number: 314985

  • Camp Whole in One Fund, supports the summer camp golf program, Camp Whole in One, for children in grades K-6 who are on the autism spectrum and their families.  

Fund Number: 315419

Teaching and Learning

  • Crane Center for Early Childhood Research and Policy, to support the multidisciplinary research center dedicated to conducting research that improves children’s learning and development at home, in school and in the community.  

Fund Number: 314460

  • Foster Initiative for Community Literacy Fund, to support the Columbus Community Teaching and Learning Consortium which gives teachers direct access to research-based literacy learning that can be applied in their very own classrooms. 

Fund Number: 315028

Need help finding a fund to support?

Everyone in the EHE Office of Advancement shares one important characteristic: We care first and foremost about you and earning your support and involvement, whether it’s as a volunteer in the community, a participant on an alumni committee or as a donor. 

We will help you identify a satisfying gift opportunity that matches your passion with an area of need in our college.

Pablo Banhos

Pablo Banhos
Executive Director of Advancement

Betsy McCabe, Sr. Director of Development

Betsy McCabe
Senior Director of Development

Julie Miller

Julie Miller
Advancement Coordinator

Sean Thompson

Sean Thompson
Director of Alumni Relations

Kirsten Wycuff

Kirsten Wycuff
Director of Stewardship