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Study Abroad Programs

  Update on Education Abroad

Effective July 1, 2021, the university will again allow business-related travel in line with updated health and safety requirements and our continued focus on fiscal responsibility. In support of a safe, gradual resumption of travel, international risk management and the International Travel Policy Committee will assess and review all student international travel. The Office of International Affairs will provide regular updates and guidance for students, scholars, faculty and staff relating to international travel and services. Read more here Read more here.

The College of Education and Human Ecology (EHE) offers numerous opportunities to expand your educational experiences around the world. EHE students are eligible to enroll in a variety of education abroad experience, including those offered by the college. Program fees for EHE-coordinated programs receive significant subsidies from the college.

Faculty-led Experiences

First Education Experience Program (FEEP)

Travel Time: Summer 2023
A focus on rural populations of Ohio but also in the communities from where Appalachian ancestors hail. A unique opportunity for our students to engage positively and significantly with rural communities.


Global Remote Internship

Summer 2022

Ohio State has partnered with International Studies Abroad to offer Global Remote Internships.

  • Intern with an international host organization matching your academic background and professional goals
  • 8-week placement
  • 25-hours per week on project-based work
  • Internships provide professional support, orientation workshops and career coaching
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Additional global education opportunities are also available from The Ohio State University.

Education Abroad Grants and Scholarships

Need funding support? There are several different ways that EHE and the university can help support your education abroad experience:

  • Program Subsidies
    All EHE faculty-led education abroad programs are significantly subsidized by the College. This means that program fees associated with the education abroad experience are heavily discounted. Students do not need a special application as these subsides are built directly into the advertised program fee for each program. In 2018-19, faculty-led study abroad course subsidies total approximately $100,000.
  • EHE Ambassador Award
    The EHE Ambassador Award provides need-based financial assistance to EHE students in the college participating in our education abroad programs. Please check back soon for application information for the 2021-22 academic year.
  • EHE Scholarships -
    Education and Human Ecology offers numerous scholarships that may be used to fund educational expenses such as education abroad.
  • Additional Funding Opportunities from International Affairs
    The Ohio State Office of International Affairs provides information on numerous additional funding sources.

Regional campus EHE students may be eligible for additional funding opportunities from their campus.

Global Option in Education and Human Ecology

The Global Option is a designation on a student’s transcript recognizing their international experiences during their time at Ohio State. To obtain this designation, students must complete a series of undergraduate courses and experiences with global components.

The Global Option, which can be incorporated into most EHE programs of study at any of our five campuses, is designed to be completed without adding significant time to graduation.