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4 general education courses to add to your 2020 schedule

Rachel Rothstein
February 13, 2020

Searching for courses to fulfill your General Education requirements? We asked students to recommend their favorite courses, and here’s what they said.

GE courses are often offered multiple semesters and in multiple formats. Verify both prior to enrolling.

Also find online courses to add to your summer schedule.

Family Development — HDFS 2200

Offered Summer or Autumn 2020
In person and online

This class will lead you to consider many fascinating questions about families. Have families changed over time? What do race, social class and gender have to do with families? How do people choose their partners? Is hooking up bad?

This class is relevant to your personal and professional life. You might be surprised what you learn and when you use it!

What students are saying…

This course is the reason (why) I and so many others chose to switch our major into this field. What I liked about this course was how there was so much knowledge that was applicable to daily life. I would 100% recommend this course for anyone looking to think more about themselves and the world around them.
Annie Stankivicz, Human Development and Family Science major

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Parenting — HDFS 2350

Offered Summer or Autumn 2020
Online course

This course will teach you the different approaches parents take when raising children, including several major psychological and developmental theories. Not only will you learn how these approaches apply to child rearing, but also how they apply to working with children and their parents. This course is a great option if you’re looking for an online class to fulfill your social science GE.

What students are saying…

Coming to college, I had never heard of (the field of) Human Development and Family Science. However, after taking this class, I knew this major was the perfect fit for me and my career choice. HDFS 2350 focuses on the different ways that parenting can affect our lives. While taking the class, I was rejuvenated and excited by how passionate the professor, Codina Kawar, was and how excited she was to teach this class. Taking the class truly solidified my love for all things HDFS.
Laini Weiler, Human Development and Family Science major
I would definitely recommend this course to other students. Whether you have kids, are thinking about having kids or just work with kids; everyone should understand how a child develops.
Hayden Miller, Social Work major

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American Family Issues — HDFS 2367

Offered Summer or Autumn 2020
In person and online

Looking for a great course to fulfill your second-level writing General Education requirement? Look no further! This class focuses on developing critical writing skills with a creative twist. It ditches your average textbook and takes a closer look at American families through a short novel and movie of your choice.

This class will teach you about how families deal with the stressors of work and family while helping you refine your critical writing skills. Who knows, you may even discover something about your own family.

What students are saying…

This is a course you can easily be creative in while still having the opportunity to learn engaging material. It might make you reconsider your perspective on issues that persist in families around us….If you want a closer look at some challenges your own family might be facing, this is a class for you.
Naomi Dillon, Human Development and Family Science major

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Dress, Appearance and Cultural Diversity — CSFRST 2372

Offered Autumn 2020
In person course

A perennial favorite of students, this course will introduce you to new ways of looking at the choices we make when choosing clothing and appearance. Have you ever wondered why people dress the way they do? Or what fashion means within different cultures? In this course, you will take a deeper look at how fashion influences society. You will realize there is a lot more to people’s appearances than you originally thought!

If you’re interested in fashion, this course is for you, even if it doesn’t relate to your major. It’s a great option to fulfill your General Education social science requirement.

What students are saying…

This is truly a class that everyone should take because it’s more than just a fashion class. It is an inclusive group space that facilitates great conversation and offers a platform for a great experience for any and all majors.Shanvanth Arnipalli, Chemistry and Environmental Science double major

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