Collage of Ohio State news stories

Discover stories you may have missed from 2022. They illustrate how we advance education, economic vitality and health and well-being to enhance the many communities we serve. Read on for highlights of our accomplishments, as well as how we shine a light on pressing social issues.

school children in uniform with a house plant

School uniforms don’t improve child behavior, study finds

School uniforms have long been associated with better behavior in school-age children. Research conducted by the college shows the contrary. School fashion may not have as big of an effect on better attendance and sense of community as previously thought. 

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Women Leaders of Color at Ohio State

Finding sisterhood in higher ed

Five Black women in key leadership roles work seamlessly together. These empowered women, who have accomplished so much individually, lean on each other to form the ultimate team: a sisterhood. They open up about the challenges they faced rising through the ranks as Black women, from discrimination to feelings of imposter syndrome.

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Children's books covers with Ohio State background

Diversity + Kindness  = Love and Learning

Professor Emerita Patricia L. Sharer recommends 10 children’s books for ages K-2. These stories teach children to approach diversity with compassion and kindness. Kids learn to spread love to everyone, no matter what they look like. Discover enriching books for kids that teach valuable lessons in diversity and inclusion.

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Composite of new Ohio State faculty

New faculty boost kinesiology, special education, teacher education  

Recent additions to the faculty boost diversity across the three departments. For the fourth year in a row, Dean Don Pope-Davis’ recruitment strategy of cultivating excellence, innovation and diversity has yielded quality hires.

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Native American mother looking through hospital window at new born baby

Native adoptee found her way home, then fought for others   

As a Sicangu Lakota 18-month old child, Sandy White Hawk was removed from South Dakota’s Rosebud Reservation. Years later, after discovering that tens of thousands of Native children like her had been cut off from their heritage, White Hawk decided to turn her trauma into action. With the help of the college’s researcher, Ashley Landers, she fights for federal legislation that protects vulnerable Native children by keeping them with their tribes. 

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Collage of Ohio State ranking badges

Number of college’s top 10 education programs double this year  

Graduate programs in the college grew this year in national reputation, according to U.S. News and World Report. Six specialty programs rank in the top 10, and three other specialty programs rank in the top 20, standing out from similar programs across the nation.

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College students in facemasks at a protest

Do schools create a Constitutional double standard?  

Public schools are at the forefront of the Constitution’s modern interpretation. K-12 students undergo a double standard with regard to civil rights – one for schools and one for life outside education settings. Not honoring constitutional rights in schools teaches a dangerous lesson about the power of institutions. Educators must strike a balance between freedom and order.

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Children in kindergarten classroom

Helping your child transition to kindergarten

The college’s Schoenbaum Family Center and Crane Center for Early Childhood Research and Policy provide a guide to support parents who have a child entering kindergarten. This guide answers the most popular questions parents with young children have, from required vaccinations to readiness assessments.

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Teacher at board with sticky notes

College partners with Columbus City Schools in $8.2 million grant

The Columbus City School District is one of eight in the country to receive special funding from the Wallace Foundation. The grant is designated to develop and support a pipeline for highly effective school leaders while defining equity-centered practices that directly impact student achievement.

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Musicians on stage play guitars

Integrating technology with teaching: TransformED: Creative Educator Academy

The college received support from Apple to enhance the use of technology to solve problems in education through creative innovation. With Apple’s help, educators are working to adapt educational settings to match the tech-centered work environment students face outside of the classroom.

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