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Mitchell Scholars love serving up food, fun

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January 28, 2015

Hospitality Management majors Meyers and Bottoms fulfill their dreams, thanks to top restaurateur

Restaurateur Cameron Mitchell, center, is helping Melissa Meyers, right, and Samantha Bottoms begin their hospitality management careers. Restaurateur Cameron Mitchell, center, is helping Melissa Meyers, left, and Samantha Bottoms begin their hospitality management careers.


Cameron Mitchell, one of Columbus’ most famous restauranteurs, doesn’t just own more than a dozen restaurant concepts throughout the United States. He helps Ohio State students get a little closer to their own restaurant dreams.

Each year, he awards the Cameron Mitchell Scholarship to hospitality management students who work at his Cameron Mitchell Restaurants, are active in the Hospitality Management Association and plan to pursue a career in the industry.

One of this year’s winners, senior Melissa Myers from Toledo, Ohio, has won the scholarship three times.

“Cameron Mitchell Restaurants creates an experience that goes above and beyond, and that’s why I’ve worked for this company as long as I have,” Myers said. “Receiving this scholarship is an honor.”

Joining Myers is first-time recipient Samantha Bottoms, a senior in hospitality management from Chesapeake, Va.

“They’re a big family and very welcoming,” Bottoms said of Cameron Mitchell Restaurants. “It’s pretty cool to be considered for their scholarship.”

The Ohio State seniors split their time learning from EHE’s hospitality management faculty and working for Cameron Mitchell Restaurants. Myers works at The Guild House as a host and Bottoms interns with Cameron Mitchell Premier Events where she is learning all aspects of event planning.

Family gatherings, love of creativity spark passion for hospitality

Myers has always known she wanted a career in the restaurant industry. Her first job was as a host and server in a restaurant and her family gatherings often revolved around food.

“When there’s an excuse to eat or drink, I’m all for it,” she said. “I grew up in a family that loved to eat. I love people too.”

While Myers has always known she has wanted to work in the food and beverage industry, Bottoms discovered her passion through a different route.

Bottoms started at Ohio State in athletic training but soon discovered she wanted a career where she could exercise more of her creativity. She found that creativity in event planning. The freedom to innovate combined with the detail-oriented elements of the profession and, most importantly, seeing people happy sold Bottoms on a hospitality management program at Ohio State.

“Through the college, I have had so many opportunities, gotten to know so many people who helped me grow professionally and I decided what I want to do with my life,” Bottoms said.

And with the help of the Cameron Mitchell Scholarship, Bottoms and Myers are a little closer to careers they can be proud of.

To learn more about the Cameron Mitchell Scholarship and other student aid opportunities in the College of Education and Human Ecology, visit Scholarships and Student Enrichment


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