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Coaching Education Minor

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Learn how to effectively coach and administer youth and adolescent sports programs with this minor. You will learn theories and basics of coaching and organizing effective sports programs for schools, community agencies and other groups that need expertise with the administration of their sports programs.

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Core Courses (15 credits)  

  • KNPE 2201 (3) Concepts of Wellness and Fitness  
  • KNPE 2262 (3) Coaching the Young Athlete  
  • KNPE 5643 (3) Coaching Effectiveness  
  • KNPE 4191 (3) Physical Activity and Coaching Internship  
  • KNPE 5521 (3) Qualitative Skill Analysis Industry  

Elective Courses (select one, 3 credits) 

  • HTHRHSC 5550 (3) Survey of Sports Medicine  
  • KNSISM 4245 (3) Leadership & Programming in Sports  
  • KNSISM 4509 (3) Sport & Leisure Service Delivery & Promotion  
  • KNPE 2542 (3) Lifespan Motor Development  
  • KNSISM 4607 (3) Legal Aspects of Sport  
  • KNPE 5657 (3) Sport & Disability 
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Minor Requirements

Early declaration of the minor and early consultation with the academic program coordinator in the College of Education and Human Ecology to discuss course choices is highly encouraged. After a minor is declared, any changes must be approved. 

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Minimum Credit Hours


Minimum GPA


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Grades required

C- or better

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