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Consumer Sciences Minor

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Focusing on enhancing consumer, individual and family well-being, the minor in Consumer Sciences will help students understand consumer-market relationships, with special emphasis on identifying and solving common consumer problems. You will learn more about:

  • how consumers choose how to spend their money and time
  • systematic problems that arise for consumers in the modern market
  • how individual consumer decisions translate into inequalities in our society
  • how government polices and regulation affects consumer and family wellbeing
  • state-of-the-art data analysis and visualization techniques for working with survey and transaction data

A minor in Consumer Sciences is great addition to majors in economics, business, public policy, law and many other disciplines!

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  • CONSCI 2910 Consumer Problems and Perspectives 
  • CONSCI 3930 Consumer Decision Making 
  • CONSCI 3940 The Multicultural Consumer: Methods of Data Analysis 
  • CSCFFS 5130 Solutions to Consumer Problems 
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Minor Requirements 

A minor must be declared by the time a graduation application is submitted. Early declaration is recommended. After a minor is declared, any changes must be approved.

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Minimum GPA


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Grades required

C- or better