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Hospitality Management Minor

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Hospitality is one of the nation’s largest employers and also provides millions of opportunities internationally. Complement your major with a cross-functional hospitality management minor and improve your competitiveness in the marketplace. The minor is designed to enable students to understand the hospitality industry, with special emphasis on identification and solution of management problems. Students who minor in Hospitality also are eligible to take advantage of out-of-the-classroom opportunities offered within our program including hospitality tours and networking events.

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Student Opportunities

Speaker series

Learn from experienced professionals about their career journeys and how they have overcome challenges in the hospitality industry. 

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Career Paths 

Our graduates seek hospitality management careers in hotels, restaurants, event planning agencies, travel, recreation and other people- and service-oriented organizations. 

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Minor Requirements 

A minor must be declared by the time a graduation application is submitted. Early declaration is recommended. After a minor is declared, any changes must be approved. 

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Minimum Credit Hours


6 credit hours at 3000 level or above

Minimum GPA


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Grades required

C- or better

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