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Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion, Nutrition and Exercise Science

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Health Promotion, Nutrition and Exercise Science (HPNES) combines human nutrition and kinesiology for a flexible, rigorous and exciting major that provides you the skills necessary to educate individuals, groups and communities on issues related to all aspects of health promotion, with emphasis on nutrition and physical activity.

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Andrew Lutz, ‘15

By studying both Exercise Science and Nutrition, I was able to learn how I could be more efficient with my exercise, yet yield greater results by understanding what I was putting into my body. The HPNES program allowed me to appreciate that an individual's health is not limited to just ones eating habits or their exercise regimen, rather knowing how these two areas relate and by having one's exercise and nutrition in-sync, you can tremendously improve your overall health, well-being and quality of life.

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Career Paths

A career in health education can take many directions. Graduates have started their careers at healthcare facilities, non-profit or public health organizations, government and private industry. With specific choices in courses, the HPNES degree is also a springboard to an advanced degree in health and wellness.

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