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Prospective Students

Why Educational Studies?

We're excited that you've chosen Ohio State and the Department of Educational Studies to continue your education. Whether you are pursuing one of our top ranked degree programs or looking to take courses for licensure/endorsements, you'll have the opportunity to learn from our distinguished faculty, who are highly recognized in their respectable disciplines.

Students applying for the first time to a graduate program at Ohio State should review our helpful tips outlined below about the application process. Students interested in pursuing licensure and/or an endorsement program, be sure to visit our licensure or endorsement webpages, and contact our licensure coordinator at

Current Non-Educational Studies graduate students who are interested in transferring from your current academic unit to pursue a degree in Educational Studies, please contact the Student Services Office at 614-688-4007 or for information about the application process.

Current Educational Studies graduate students who would like to transfer from your MA, MLT or EdS program to a PhD or EdD program or change your current degree program within the department, please contact the Student Services Office.

Application Process FAQs

Prepare Your Application

Download the application checklist appropriate for the program to which you are applying. Each program has different requirements, so be sure to select the correct one. The checklist provides you with step-by-step instructions for the application process. Applications for fall admissions are accepted each year from August through Dec. 1 for most programs.

Review the application checklist. The application checklist provides you with step-by-step instructions for the application process.

Include your name and applicant number or birthdate (month and year) on all documents sent to us by mail or email. Never include your social security number in correspondence with us. We prefer that documents are uploaded into the application.

Make sure to give a complete list of the colleges and universities you've attended on your application. If an institution you've attended is listed on another transcript and you didn't list that institution on your application, you are still required to send transcripts from the places that weren't included previously. Requesting additional transcripts be sent to us late can hinder the processing of your application.

Prepare your statement of purpose. Highlight your research interests and reasons for applying to the particular program. This is your opportunity to set yourself a part from other applicants and to determine if you'd be a great fit for the program.

Review research interests and expertise of our faculty. Read through some abstracts and articles about their research to determine whether your research interests are aligned with the expertise of our faculty. While grade point average and GRE scores play an important role in the decision-making process, fit with the academic program is often the pivotal factor in admission decisions. You can access the departmental faculty listing online. We definitely encourage students to contact the faculty with academic questions. Introduce yourself, let them know that you have read their work and how it relates to your intended area of study.

Identify your writing sample (see checklist to determine if you are required to submit one). Some programs require a submission of a writing sample to be included in your application. Students will want to submit what they think is their best academic work. Examples of writing samples could be a master's thesis, literature review, or a research publication (academic-based article) to name a few.

Apply Online

Application fees are currently $60 for domestic applications and $70 for international applications and are subject to change at any time. Please note that we require that all application materials be sent electronically for all programs. Instructions for electronic submission are available on the Graduate Admissions website within the online application.

Our application deadline dates (see your application checklist) are firm. All application materials must be received by the deadline - no exceptions will be made. Please note that you will NOT receive a refund of your application fee if you apply after the deadline date.

Choose the correct term. Most of our degree programs admit only during autumn semester; however, there are a few programs that admit in spring and summer. For example, if you choose spring semester, you cannot apply for our PhD, MLT, EdD or EdS degree programs. Please check the application checklists for more complete information.

Choose the correct degree plan. We offer 5 degree plans (master's degree [MA]; Master's of Learning Technologies [MLT]; Education Specialist [EdS - School Psychology only] and two doctoral degrees [PhD - all programs except Workforce Development and Education] and EdD - Educational Administration and Higher Education and Student Affairs only]). If you choose the wrong degree, you will not be able to choose the correct specialization. For example, if you choose the MA degree, you cannot choose to specialize in School Psychology. Only the EdS and PhD are offered for School Psychology.

Transcripts can be scanned (PDF format ONLY) and uploaded as part of the application process. We accept only scanned copies of actual transcripts; website advising reports and unofficial transcripts will not be accepted. See the Graduate Admissions website for more information about submitting transcripts. An official copy sent directly from each college or university MUST be submitted, no later than October 1 of your first semester of enrollment, if you are admitted.

Letters of Recommendation must be submitted electronically through the online application process. Just follow the instructions that are within the online application. This is the most effective way to have your letters submitted. If your recommenders send us hard copies of your letters, it will take longer to process. More information is available on the Graduate Admissions webpage.

The Ohio State University GRE code is 1592. This code MUST be included in your application for Ohio State and our department to get your scores. While we do not require that you insert a department code when you apply to take the GRE, you may want to include one of the following codes to further narrow down your interest. Here are the codes for the specializations in our department to use when applying to take the GRE:

  • Counselor Education (3802)
  • Educational Administration (3001)
  • Educational Policy (3501)
  • Educational Psychology (3403)
  • Higher Education and Student Affairs (3502)
  • Learning Technologies (3999 - Education Other)
  • Philosophy of Education (3906 - Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education)
  • Quantitative Research, Evaluation and Measurement
    • Educational Evaluation and Research (3407)
    • Educational Statistics and Research Methods (3401)
    • Educational Assessment, Testing and Measurement (3402)
  • School Psychology (3406)
  • Workforce Development and Education
    • Adult and Continuing Education (3901)
    • Vocational/Technical Education (3910)
  • Education - Other (3999)

Application Status

You can monitor the status of your application. There are instances when your application may appear complete and then have a change in status. For this reason you should check your status weekly until a decision has been made on your application. The most common addition to your application status is the requirement of GRE scores. If your undergraduate GPA is calculated to be less than a 3.0, you will be required to submit GRE scores before your application is considered complete. Also, applications of international students who submit TOEFL or IELTS scores who do not meet the minimum required scores, will be considered incomplete until minimum scores are achieved.

Your application to The Ohio State University is only good for the semester for which you apply. Applications that remain incomplete will be cancelled. If your application is cancelled and you still wish to be considered for admission, you will need to reapply (and pay a new application fee) for the next eligible application semester.

Please email our office ( to let us know if your name has changed (e.g. name at birth to married name) since the last time you attended a college or university. This is particularly important if we should anticipate letters or transcripts from institutions that use your previous name. It could slow down the processing of your application if we are unaware of materials coming in for you with a different name on them.

Next Steps

Funding your degree - be sure to check out our Funding Opportunities webpage for more information about Graduate Associates, Scholarships and other funding available to active students. Please note that PhD students receive priority for graduate associateship (GA) positions and scholarship funding.

Application Process FAQs