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Bilingual Endorsement

The Bilingual Endorsement trains Ohio educators who hold a standard Ohio teaching certificate or license to work with emergent bilingual students in grades PK-12. 

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This multi-age endorsement provides teachers with coursework and field experience focused on: 

  • Bilingual language acquisition

  • Bilingual and dual language immersion programs and curricula 

  • Instruction, assessment and advocacy 

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Required Courses

EDUTL 5610

Literacy Development for Multilingual Learners

EDUTL 5645

Core Practices in Language Assessment

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  • EDUTL 5613 - Core Practices in World Languages
  • EDUTL 5615 - Methods and Culture in TESOL
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  • EDUTL 5301 - Foundations of Bilingual Education
  • EDUTL 5620 - Language Acquisition for Multilingual Learners
  • EDUTL 5365 - Linguistics for Literacy Educators
  • EDUTL 5600 - Language as a Resource
Field experience
  • Option 1: Signed form from direct supervisor
  • Option 2: EDUTL 5189.03: Bilingual Endorsement Field Experience (1 credit)
    To register for this course, please complete the registration survey by April 1 for Autumn course enrollment or by September 1 for Spring enrollment
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Field Experience

A minimum 50 clock hours for each additional licensure area beyond the candidate's initial license.

Minimum Credit Hours


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Proficiency in a language other than English; Ohio teaching license or certificate

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Licensure Disclosure 

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