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Frequently Asked Questions

The degree is housed in the College of Education and Human Ecology, Department of Human Science, Kinesiology section. The program director is Phillip Ward, PhD, and he can be contacted at:

For autumn admissions, we are accepting admissions on a rolling basis during the spring and summer. Depending on interest, we may establish a limit to enrollment. You should apply early if you are interested in autumn admission.

Apply for admission

We are looking for students who have some background in coaching. This can be broadly viewed to include paid and unpaid coaching experiences such as assisting/volunteering at:

  • clinics,
  • camps,
  • child, youth and adult recreation leagues,
  • sports settings in schools, clubs, college or businesses

If in doubt, email for clarification. You will need to describe this experience in your resume which you will upload when you apply.

We can assist you in finding school-based, recreational youth and adult coaching opportunities.

After the graduate program has made an admission decision, the program informs the Office of Graduate and Professional Admissions. We then inform you of the decision by sending a notice of admission via post mail and e-mail.

You can see if a decision has been made on your application online as well. You must reference your Ohio State student ID number to use the applicant center. Contact 614-688-HELP to reset your password. Contact, if you have forgotten your username.

This is handled on a case-by-case basis after a review of the syllabi of the courses you wish to transfer in. We do not accept transfer credit of non-coaching focused classes.

The Ohio State University Graduate School website has more detailed information about transferring credits to graduate degree programs.

There is no funding available from the department at this time.

Depending on the sport, Ohio State sports teams may accept you as a volunteer and in some cases an assistant. However these decisions are made by the coaches not the masters degree program.

A full-time degree consists of 33 credits taken across two years. A part-time degree can be arranged to meet your schedule and can consist of as few as one to as many as 15 credits per semester. We can construct a tailor-made program of study with electives that fit your personal and career goals.

This is a non-thesis degree. Each student will complete a final master's written examination. The examination will evaluate the student's proficiency and understanding of his/her field of study. The exam will consist of two, two-hour sit-down exams. The first exam will consist of a series of scenarios designed to assess ethical and pedagogical reasoning. The second exam will assess the application of coaching knowledge in the form of short-answer questions. Each exam will be evaluated by the student's advisor and one faculty member in the MSpC program of study. The exam can be scheduled in any semester the student plans to graduate, but is typically expected in the summer.