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Rethinking Early Childhood and Elementary Education, Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning

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Rethinking Early Childhood and Elementary Education addresses classic and contemporary research regarding young children from infants/toddlers to 5th grade that focus on children from all cultural, racial, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds as well as their varied abilities within the context of families, schools and communities.  

Topics include: critical and innovative approaches to understanding curriculum; diverse images of the child and the way these images impact educational structures; child-centered, anti-oppressive, and asset-oriented pedagogies; new understandings of play, imagination and their critical link to social development and cognition; and multiple perspectives on understanding the child in a social context. 

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No GRE; TOEFL scores for international students

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March 15 (Autumn Semester),
September 14 (Spring Semester)

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Autumn/Spring Semester


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