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Current Nutrition Students and Recent Alumni

It's the people who make the human nutrition program at Ohio State. See who the current students in the human nutrition master's program are, recent alumni and their research focus as well as highlighted student successes.

Danielle King

Danielle King

2019 – Present
Advisor: Carla Miller

Margaret Moodispaw

2018 – Present
Advisor: Sanja Ilic

Cara Pannell

2020 – Present
Advisor: Carolyn Gunther

Avi Pokala

2019 – Present
Advisor: Richard Bruno

Zihan Zhang

2019 – Present
Advisor: Tonya Orchard

Lisa Robinette

2019 – Present
Advisor: Irene Hatsu

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Rebecca Youngs

2019 – Present
Advisor: Julie Kennel


Student Success

Our students have big goals as graduate students at Ohio State. Read more about their work and journeys.

Recent Alumni