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Higher Education and Student Affairs, Master of Arts in Educational Studies

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At Ohio State, we are developing the next generation of leaders who will shape the future of higher education. The master’s in Higher Education and Student Affairs Program was created for students like you who are drawn to creating inclusive campus environments for students. Our faculty will help you understand what it means to focus on students and study their experiences, and you will engage in dialogues with your peers who will also foster your learning. You will become well-versed in student development theories, leadership education, organizations and environments; and use a social justice lens to make sense of your experiences.  

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Program Features 

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Career Paths 

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Program coordinators 
Program directors 
Policy analysts 

Other possible career paths with additional education include: university faculty, vice president for student affairs, provost, college president.

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Funding Opportunities 

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Degree Requirements

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Bachelor’s degree (no GRE required)

Minimum Program hours


Deadline to apply

December 1

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Program start

Autumn Semester

Additional Application Requirements

Special Statement of Intent

  1. Tell us why you are interested in pursuing your graduate studies. In your response, be sure to convey how the features of the HESA Program at OSU align with your professional interests and goals.
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