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Honoring our Fulbright awardees

Sarah Bach
June 23, 2020

During the 2019-2020 academic year, the college hosted one Fulbright Scholar and seven Fulbright Fellows who pursued research, teaching or earning a degree while at The Ohio State University. We appreciate and honor their work.

Wahyu ‘Koko’ Setioko, Fellow

Over the past decade, Wahyu Setioko served as a museum educator, teacher, curriculum developer and nonprofit teacher trainer in rural communities. Setioko is currently a STEM education PhD student from Indonesia. He researches how children learn science in informal settings such as homes, museums and parks. As a member of Creative Commons Global Network, Setioko supports open education and education-for-all. After completing his PhD, he intends to continue teaching and researching in higher education.

“Science surrounds us everywhere in our everyday, informal settings. I’m interested in studying how people learn science in such contexts and how we can consciously design environments and interactions that make these everyday moments fun science learning opportunities.”

Yuseva Ariyani Iswandari, Fellow

Yuseva Ariyani Iswandari won a Fulbright Fellowship in 2019 to continue studying alternative literacy methods at Ohio State. Her research considers new professional development strategies for preservice teachers of English as a foreign language. While completing a doctoral degree in foreign, second and multilingual language education, she lectures at Sanata Dharma University in Indonesia. She is also the co-founder and chair of the Indonesian Extensive Reading Association, an organization that promotes the joy of reading.

“As an international student, I see that this campus really accommodates all different cultures and promotes tolerance and acceptance in order to create a comfortable learning environment. One particular memory that stands out to me was the opportunity to perform at Taste of OSU 2020 (an event hosted by the Office of International Affairs which features international cuisine and performances).”

Goran Stevanovski, Fellow

In 2016, Goran Stevanovski received a Doctor of Medicine in North Macedonia where we worked as a doctor of diagnostic medicine and taught pathophysiology for three years. While completing Ohio State’s master’s in biomedical education, he contributes as an editor of Scholar RX, a digital learning platform for medical schools. He also co-founded Buckeye Brighters, a Fulbright student association at Ohio State, and advocates for the health of European citizens as an alum of the European Medical Students' Association. He hopes to work internationally and improve global medical education.

“A highlight of my student experience in the United States is the wonderful people I’ve met and the opportunity to learn with them. Also, I served as an advisor to a Buck-I-Serv trip to Willow River, Minnesota. Working on a camp that organizes activities for children living with HIV/AIDS and LGBTQIA+ youth was especially rewarding.”

Risa Haridza, Fellow

Risa Haridza is a Fulbright Fellow from Indonesia studying STEM education. In addition to her Fulbright Fellowship, Haridza received an Australia Award Scholarship to visit The University of Melbourne and won third place, Best Science Teacher in Southeast Asia, presented by Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization Regional Center for Quality Improvement for Teacher and Education Personnel in Science (SEAQIS) in 2016. She earned a bachelor’s from Malang State University and a master’s in STEM education from Ohio State. While completing her PhD, she also teaches STEM students in Pontianak, Indonesia, and trains teachers for Pontianak’s Department of Education.

“I plan to investigate how science teachers in Indonesia develop students' reasoning skills in science classrooms. I’m interested in this topic because reasoning skills are a type of thinking skill that students need to play an active role as a member of local and global community, regardless of their future career.”

Hochieh ‘Jack’ Lin, Fellow

Hochieh Lin is a passionate mathematics and science educator studying STEM education and educational technology. Before winning a Fulbright Fellowship in 2016, he taught various subjects including mathematics, science and Chinese in both Taiwan and the United States. As a PhD candidate at Ohio State, Lin researches how children communicate ideas, with specific focus on mathematics, such as, learning fractions. He believes that with deeper understanding of children’s thought processes, teachers can develop more effective curricula. He also develops technology-based equity pedagogy for mathematics and science classrooms.

“One of my fondest memories from Ohio State is having a meal served by President Drake at the annual OSU Thanksgiving Dinner. This experience taught me that small acts of kindness can make a big difference, particularly in student-teacher relationships.”

Ishtiaq Ahmed, Fellow

Ishtiaq Ahmed was a high school teacher and special education trainer before beginning his PhD in 2015 at Ohio State. He feels privileged and humbled to not be restrained by blindness and to have completed four master’s degrees. As a disability advocate, he is passionate about securing equal opportunities for all people with disabilities, especially those with visual impairments, and about breaking down societal barriers that prevent inclusion. In doing so, he hopes to inspire youth with disabilities to pursue STEM interests. He presents internationally about inclusive education, assistive technologies for mathematics education and access to STEM education for students with disabilities. He expects to graduate from Ohio State in August.

“My dissertation … takes the experiences (of students with visual impairments, parents and educators) into account. How can teachers and other stakeholders help in mathematics education, and what are the challenges they (students with visual impairments) experience doing mathematics?”

Saetbyul ‘Clara’ Kim, Fellow

As an undergraduate at Yonsei University in South Korea, Saetbyul “Clara” Kim quickly identified an interest in education. After obtaining her master’s degree, she began a PhD in educational psychology at Ohio State in 2018. Her research interests include prosocial norms, social engagement and emotional development. Kim joined the Collaborative Social Reasoning Project led by her faculty mentor Tzu-Jung Lin, associate professor of educational psychology, to study instructional methods that foster social reasoning and interpersonal skills. Her life’s project is to connect one’s worldview, psychological dynamics and academic behaviors.

“I love what I have experienced at Ohio State for the past two years. First, I love free donuts and lunch on campus! Second, I appreciate the supportive atmosphere of EHE, which respects diversity without judgement. I especially found the college’s Data Access and Analysis Core helpful. They are awesome!”

Hamissou Ousseini, Scholar

Hamissou Ousseini is an English language education lecturer at Université Abdou Moumouni in Niger. He obtained a master’s in teaching English to speakers of other languages from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and a PhD from the University of East Anglia, where he studied English language teacher education and professional development. While at Ohio State, Hamissou’s pursued his research interests in teacher cognition, lesson study, translanguaging and issues relevant to English language teaching methods. He currently teaches courses on teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) and research methodology.

“I was amazed by the culture of excellence within the FSMLE family (Foreign, Second and Multilingual Language Education Program). Even though Mr. Corona (the pandemic) did not give me the chance to benefit much from that culture, I came to the realization that the Department of Teaching and Learning at OSU is the right place to be for any ambitious language education researcher.”


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