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This article was originally published in July 2020 and updated in July 2023.

Searching for your first — or next — career can be difficult. How can you turn your passions, or the inspiration you give to others, into a career? Perhaps you’ve always been drawn to education, you’re considering a career change or perhaps you are still discovering your interests. This guide is designed to aid you wherever you are in your search.

In this guide, you will learn the steps to becoming a teacher in Ohio and how The Ohio State University can assist you in exploring and reaching a career in education.

What you need to know about teaching in Ohio

  1. Why become a teacher?
  2. Ohio State licensure preparation options
  3. Teacher preparation at Ohio State
  4. How much do teachers get paid?
  5. Support and advancement for teachers

Why become a teacher

Ohio State instructors teach students that an essential part of becoming a teacher is discovering your “why.” What drives you? Why do you want to teach? What — specifically — do you want to accomplish? Knowing your “why” keeps you grounded as you navigate your teaching career and can be different for every teacher.

Emily Shaw headshot

"Your ‘why’ evolves with time. At first, I feel like my ‘why’ was to be like teachers that I had in the past. But now I think my ‘why’ is to help as many people as I can (to) get better.”

Emily Shaw (’21 BSEd)
Eighth grade science teacher, Port Clinton Middle School in Port Clinton, Ohio




Ashley Dickson headshot

"I've wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember. Growing up with two younger siblings, I found happiness in working with them. As I went through high school, my passion for teaching was only intensified as I completed internships at local elementary and middle schools. I was able to make this dream a reality when I attended Ohio State and joined the Middle Childhood Education cohort. Although I knew going into college that my goal was to become an educator, my time at Ohio State helped me hone in on what subject(s) I wanted to teach and gave me experiences that solidified my desire to be in the classroom. Every new year in my own classroom provides me with reminders of why I chose this career!

Ashley Dickson (’19 BSEd)
Eighth Grade Math/Algebra Teacher and Math Department Chair, Frederick County Schools in Frederick, Maryland


Danyah Abdelqader headshot

"Setting an example for young Muslim students was what drove my decision to become an educator. Witnessing my students grow and achieve academic success is the highlight of my first year in teaching. Having the opportunity to educate, inspire and mentor younger generations requires a lot of time, patience and energy. Because of this, I’ve also been able to see positive change within myself and growth as a teacher.”

Danyah Abdelqader (’22 BSEd)
Eighth Grade ELA Teacher, Metro Middle School in Columbus, Ohio

There is no single correct answer to, “Why become a teacher?” You have the opportunity to discover and develop your “why” throughout your time in college and your career.

What becoming a teacher at Ohio State looks like

U.S. News & World report ranks elementary and secondary teacher preparation at Ohio State as the best in the state and in the top 10 in the nation. School districts and professional educators also highly praise the university for developing teachers who have a positive impact from the moment they step into a classroom.

Students are trained in the latest educational practice and research. Additionally, students majoring in education engage in diverse field experiences that allow them to apply theory to real life settings.

Ohio State Educator Prep Snap Shot

Throughout your teacher education and preparation at Ohio State, you will:

  1. Take courses that will prepare you both conceptually and practically to think critically and reflectively about your teaching practice.
  2. Be supported by experienced faculty instructors and staff, including a program representative who coordinates your academic program and student teaching experiences, graduate associates and an advising staff who oversee progress throughout your program of study.
  3. Engage in supervised field placement experiences in diverse settings to put classroom learning into practice.
  4. Develop a community of future and current educators.

No matter where you want to teach, Ohio State’s teacher education programs will make you a competitive candidate for a variety of positions in urban, rural and suburban schools throughout Ohio and across the nation.

Ohio State licensure preparation options

Successful completion of an initial teaching program at Ohio State makes a student eligible to apply for the Ohio 2-year Resident Educator license. Teacher education programs are housed throughout the university to best support content area specializations. The programs offer extensive experiences to learn and teach in diverse elementary and secondary school settings. Some programs are also available on regional campuses.

Educator Licensure Programs