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Endorsement Checklist: The Step by Step Process

  1. Indicate your intent to pursue the T&L Endorsement by completing the Endorsement Online Form. You will need to create an account (username and password) by clicking on the “Admissions” tab to be able to complete and submit this form. Once you have created an account:
  1. Log in with the username and password you created.
  2. Select the “Create New Application” light gray button.
  3. From the drop-down menu, select the “OSU Endorsement “of your choice and click on the “Next” button.
    Note: Please disregard the terms listed, as it does not correlate with when you will be beginning the coursework.
  4. Complete the online form and upload any non-OSU transcripts, if applicable.
  5. Hit the “Submit Application Now” green button.

Please note:

  • This online form is only accessible the first 15 days of every month. It is not available during the remainder of each month as forms are reviewed. You will be contacted by the first of the following month about your submission.
  •  If you are not a current OSU student, you must possess a valid Ohio Resident Educator License in order to pursue any endorsements at The Ohio State University.Exception: Current OSU students, officially admitted into either the Bachelor or Master of Education in Early Childhood programs, may pursue the Early Childhood Generalist Endorsement concurrently.However, recommendation for endorsement will not occur until the initial Early Childhood (PK-3) license has been awarded by the Ohio Department of Education. Please also note, that each course for this endorsement has prerequisites. It is recommended that you consult your advisor to plan accordingly.
  1. Enroll at Ohio State. Note that undergraduate versus graduate enrollment will depend on the type of endorsement you are pursuing. You should refer to the appropriate endorsement program sheet for more information.
  1. Register for the coursework by following the appropriate endorsement program sheet.
    • Refer to the endorsement program sheet for endorsement-specific requirements and conditions.
    • The Department of Teaching and Learning will count one (1) non-Ohio State course substitution provided that equivalency is determined by the department.
  2. Complete and pass the appropriate state assessment.




    Early Childhood Generalist
    (grades 4-5)*

    Elementary Education (Subtests I & II)

    018 AND 019

    Middle Childhood Generalist
    (grades 4-6)*

    Option 1 -Elementary Education (Subtests I & II)
    Option 2 (choose the test for each content area added to the MC license)

    Middle Grades English Language Arts
    Middle Grades Science
    Middle Grades Mathematics
    Middle Grades Social Studies

    Select one option:

    Option 1 - 018 and 019
    Option 2 - 028, 029, 030 and/or 031

    P-6 Mathematics Specialist

    Does not require a state assessment.
    See the P-6 Math Program Sheet for details.


    (grades K-12)*

    Reading (Subtests I & II)


    Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
    (TESOL, K-12)**

    English to Speakers of Other Languages


     * Those who completed the appropriate PRAXIS II for these Endorsements by September 2013 are not required to complete the OAE.
    ** Those who completed the appropriate PRAXIS II by January 2013 are not required to complete the OAE. 
  3. Request to add the Endorsement you’ve completed to your existing teaching license through the ODE website. 
    1. Log onto your SAFE account and select the “My Credential” tab.
    2. Select the license you wish to add the new credential to (your existing teaching license).
    3. A drop-down menu will appear next to the license asking if you would like to renew the license or add an area.
    4. Select “add area” and then select the type of Endorsement you have completed.

Please note:

  • This process can take 2-4 weeks depending on the time of the year.
  • You are not required to upload transcripts if you have completed all of the endorsement coursework at OSU. If you have any questions regarding the application, please email