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Academic Programs

The Department of Teaching and Learning offers several degree options students can pursue. And with numerous areas to specialize, students can discover their academic passions that prepare them for careers as the next generation of leaders in education.

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The doctorate program in Teaching and Learning will put you among scholars performing cutting-edge educational research.

As a doctoral student, you’ll take part in research and scholarship that will prepare you to be among the next generation of education leaders. The foundation of your PhD experience is a research apprenticeship. You will critically analyze existing research and work closely with faculty on their research while you gain an extensive set of research skills. With those skills, you’ll develop innovative theories and practices in your own outstanding research while in the program and professionally.

The Doctor of Philosophy program comes with the flexibility to focus your specialization around your interests in a variety of disciplines.

And no matter what you focus your studies around, you will challenge what you thought you knew and create an academic experience to cherish and be proud of forever.

*GRE requirements WAIVED for Autumn 2021 application cycle for all prospective PhD students.

Education Specialist (EdS)

Do you already have a master’s degree and are a practicing educator? Are you looking to become a leader in your field? If you said yes, then our education specialist degree may be for you.

This program will help you further your professional development giving you a strong foundation in diverse theory and research. Our graduates are equipped with the knowledge and skills to pursue leadership positions at their schools such as: teacher leaders, department chairs, curriculum developers and other school- or district-based roles.

Teaching and Learning offers the EdS with specializations in:

Master of Arts (MA)

If you’re interested in focusing on theory and practice in various areas of study in education, the Master of Arts degree may be the best choice for you.

This non-license program is ideal for practicing educators and provides you a path to an advanced degree with a flexible and accommodating schedule.

During your studies, you’ll get the one-on-one attention and guidance from faculty and program managers you deserve. Having this intense support, coupled with a range of multifaceted disciplines to study, attracts applicants to our program from all over the globe.

Many students in this program go on to have success because of the personal attention from faculty and staff – whether that be through teaching, advice, connections or leadership.

Teaching and Learning offers the MA with specialization in:

Master of Education (MEd)

The Master of Education is a one-year accelerated teacher licensure program. You will have diverse experiences and the opportunity to develop the essential skills needed to become an effective educator.

As a student in our Master of Education program you will quickly learn you are getting an education from one of the nation’s best, accredited programs.

This challenging and enriching program will leave you as a motivated educator with a license to teach in Ohio. And with the personal attention you get from our faculty and program managers, you will have all the tools to help you advance in your career.

Teaching and Learning offers the MEd with specializations in:

Bachelor of Science in Education (BSEd)

Whether you want to teach elementary-, middle school- or high school-aged students, a Bachelor of Science in Education is one way to becoming a teacher.

In this ultra-competitive program, there are seven undergraduate degree options that will help you achieve your goal to teach youth. And most will lead to your initial license to teach in Ohio.

Teaching and Learning offers the BSEd in:

Undergraduate studies mission statement


Teaching and Learning offers five beneficial endorsement programs that adhear to the Ohio Department of Education's endorsement standards. An endorsement from The Ohio State University is a supplemental credential that can be added to your existing Ohio teaching license and increase your marketability as an educator. It gives you the flexibility to teach additional subjects and/or grade levels than a standard teaching license.

We have developed these programs to have flexibility to fit around your schedule, so earning an endorsement is a convenient and smooth process. 


The licensure-only programs in Teaching and Learning train you to become an expert in specialized instruction for children who are blind or visually impaired. You also will learn how to consult with teachers and parents and enable students to have meaningful educational experiences.


Additional Programs