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Special Education, Bachelor of Science in Education

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The undergraduate special education program is a competitive major that will prepare you to meet the educational needs of diverse learners with disabilities. Specifically, this program will prepare you with the skills to earn an intervention specialist license to teach children who have learning, behavior, or developmental disabilities in a variety of settings and across a wide range of ages/grades.

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Intervention Specialties

Mild to Moderate Intervention Specialist

Prepared with the skills and license to teach K-12 children who have learning or mild intellectual disabilities or attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Teachers with this specialization use instructional strategies to develop individual learning plans for students. They also use co-teaching methods to maximize the learning potential for students with disabilities.

Moderate to Intensive Intervention Specialist

Earn a license to teach children with moderate to intensive disabilities in grades K-12, and up to age 21 within schools. Students focusing in this discipline play important roles in the education and development of students with significant disabilities.

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Student Testimonial

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Students interested in  the OSU Special Education BSEd program want to know "What is special about this special education program?"  Below are questions you might be asking yourself about this program.

The BSEd is largely a face-to-face program. Students will spend time on campus and in field experiences learning from and engaging with professors, peers, school professionals and children. To provide some flexibility to students, there are also some on-line and hybrid courses distributed throughout the program.

The BSEd program is designed to be completed within four years with full-time enrollment. Students who successfully complete coursework, field experiences and key assessments will be eligible for intervention specialist licensure in the state of Ohio.

There is a significant need for special education teachers (intervention specialists), both within Ohio and across the nation. All students who wanted a teaching position and have completed this program with their teaching license have found employment upon or shortly after graduation.

Ohio State's undergraduate licensure program is unique in that the field experiences provided far exceed the state's minimum requirements. The best learning will happen when students are working in real schools with real children and teachers. These experiences will begin in the first year, gradually allowing for more independence, and culminating in a full-time student teaching experience.

In addition to the coursework and field experiences required for all students, OSU special education students will earn at least one Advanced Study Badge. Earning a badge (or more than one) will allow students to specialize in an area of interest (e.g., autism spectrum disorder, learning disabilities). These badges include coursework but also honor work students are doing on their own outside of school (e.g., working with a child on the autism spectrum and their family as a registered behavior technician [RBT], tutoring a student with dyslexia). Although some of the activities needed to earn the badges are pre-determined, many will allow flexibility, choice and creativity.

Almost all special education courses in this program are taught by OSU special education faculty. These faculty have experience teaching children and youth with disabilities in a variety of settings, have doctoral degrees in special education, are leading researchers in the field, are dedicated to teacher education, care deeply about their OSU students and the children they will teach and are committed to supporting teacher candidates in becoming effective educators.

There are several student organizations that align with special education students' interests. Some of these include Autism Speaks U, Best Buddies, Special Olympics, Voyage and Buckeyes for Accessibility. For more information and to check the status of active organizations, visit the student organizations website. In addition to joining student organizations, the special education program organizes a few social events each year to encourage cross-cohort interaction, support and collaboration.

In addition to scholarships offered through OSU, there are a few scholarships specially designated for special education teacher licensure candidates. We are currently piloting a program that would allow students to participate in paid positions as part of their field experiences as well.

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Student Opportunities

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Career Paths

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Graduates who earn their licenses go on to teach primarily in public schools. Some also have careers in private schools or clinical settings.

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