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The Office of Accreditation, Placement and Licensure (APL) at The Ohio State University has a primary mission to help monitor and support the university's educator preparation programs that lead to a PK-12 state license in teaching, administration or pupil services.

Our office assists in collecting, organizing and analyzing data about various key program elements such as: admissions, content, rubrics, student teaching experiences, field placements and candidate/intern performances. Through the monitoring of this data, the APL ensures that state, federal and program-specific standards are met to maintain state and federal accreditation status.

As of Spring 2019 through 2026, initial educator preparation programs at The Ohio State University are accredited through the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). CAEP accreditation indicates our programs successfully prepare new teachers to effectively know their subject area, serve diverse groups of students, have meaningful preservice experiences and use data to drive targeted program improvement. For Specialized Professional Associations (SPAs) recognition, please review the information provided on each program’s website listed here.

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