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Master of Arts in Educational Studies, Educational Policy

The master's program in Educational Policy provides students with the knowledge and understanding of policy processes and issues in education that help you drive practical improvements in schools at all levels.


The master's program in Educational Policy is an interdisciplinary program that allows you to apply a focus on questions of policy and policy making in various contexts.

You may be interested in investigating the act of policy making in education by considering who the policy actors are, who sets the agendas and how policy problems and solutions are determined.

You might be more interested in assessing the effects of a given policy once it is implemented by considering political, social or economic ramifications of policy decisions.

Or you might decide to take a more philosophical approach to policy analysis by considering ethical issues that surround a given policy or a set of policies.

Wherever your interests lie, the master's program in educational policy prepares you for a career helping shape the principles and rules that govern education systems.

Career Paths

Graduates with a masters in educational policy pursue several types of careers including policy and research analysts, project managers or other related careers at national, state and local education agencies, think tanks and non-profit organizations.

Program Requirements

Deadline to apply: December 1
Program start: Autumn semester
Minimum semester hours to degree completion: 30
Prerequisites: Bachelor's degree; valid GRE scores
Program requirements: Core courses (9 hours), specialization courses (21 hours)
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Ann Allen, PhD, Professor
Antoinette Errante, PhD, Associate Professor
Belinda Gimbert, PhD, Associate Professor
Yvonne Goddard, PhD, Associate Professor
James Moore, PhD, EHE Distinguished Professor
Jan Nespor, PhD, Professor
Miriam Shenkar, PhD, Senior Lecturer
Tatiana Suspitsyna, PhD, Associate Professor
Richard Voithofer, PhD, Associate Professor
Bryan Warnick, PhD, Professor

Affiliated Faculty
Joshua Hawley, PhD, Associate Professor - John Glenn College of Public Affairs