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Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Studies, Educational Psychology

The educational psychology doctoral program at Ohio State provides students with a foundational understanding of psychological perspectives on education as well as the strong research knowledge essential to addressing the issues in education. Our faculty will help you develop an advanced, cutting-edge expertise in the field while gaining experience that prepares you as a leader of educational psychology.

"As a PhD student, I had unique opportunities to serve at the departmental, university and national levels making me well-prepared on the job market. The faculty at Ohio State always viewed me as someone capable of growth and of making an impact in my field. They saw me as I will be tomorrow rather than as I was yesterday. The importance this had on my experience cannot be overstated. It is what I strive to do with my own students now that I am in a position to impact lives the way Ohio State impacted mine."
Mike Yough, PhD, 2011
Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator, Educational Psychology
Oklahoma State University


Our students work with and learn from a diverse group of faculty within the educational psychology program and across other areas and departments. As a student, you will join a cohort of very active researchers – most work on multiple projects – who regularly present their research at national and international conferences and have their findings published.

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Through the guidance and mentorship of our expert faculty, you will research topics related to motivation and self-regulation, literacy development, and cognition across a range of settings and developmental stages. Our faculty members are experts in student motivation and self-regulated learning, language and literacy development, cognition and learning, and the social and instructional contexts of education.

You will receive rigorous training in qualitative and quantitative research methods as well as preparation for teaching at the college level. Additionally, you will have the flexibility to individualize your program of study, to your interests.

Our unique partnerships at Ohio State make it one of the best universities to study educational psychology. The program has close ties with the Learning Technologies specialization, presenting opportunities to study the intersections between technology and educational psychology.

The university's Dennis Learning Center is often where students get teaching experience and conduct research on college students' learning. New partnerships with the Schoenbaum Family Center and Crane Center for Early Childhood Research and Policy present exciting opportunities to combine high-quality psychology research and early childhood education.

Students in our program quickly discover that they have joined a collegial community. It is a supportive environment that encourages students to collaborate with their peers and to work with several faculty during your academic tenure.

Career Paths

Educational psychologists work in colleges, universities, research centers, private foundations, hospitals, school districts, state and national government agencies and private corporations - wherever people learn, teach and develop.


Deadline to Apply: 
December 1
Program Start: 
Autumn semester
Prerequisites/Pre-major Requirements: 
Bachelor's degree, minimum 3.0 GPA (cumulative), academic writing sample, GRE
Minimum Program Hours: 
50, post-master's degree (a master's degree is not required to apply to the PhD program)

Degree requirements: Core courses (6 hours); research (9 hours); specialization requirements (18 hours); specialization electives (min. 12 hours);
Other Requirements: research apprenticeship (min. 9 hours); pre-candidacy residency; post-candidacy residency
Academic Opportunities: Graduate associateship, scholarships, university fellowships,
American Psychological Association-Division 15

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Eric Anderman, PhD, Professor
Lynley Anderman, PhD, Professor
Michael Glassman, PhD, Professor
Laura Justice, PhD, EHE Distinguished Professor
Tzu-Jung Lin, PhD, Associate Professor
Christopher Wolters, PhD, Professor
Kui Xie, PhD, Cyphert Distinguished Professor
Shirley L. Yu, PhD Associate Professor

Affiliated Faculty
Tracey Stuckey-Mickell, EdD, Senior Lecturer