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PhD in Educational Studies, Quantitiative Research, Evaluation and Measurement

A PhD from Ohio State in the Quantitative Research, Evaluation and Measurement program will propel your career as an educational researcher, statistician or psychometrician. This program prepares you as a leader in quantitative methodology.

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“My advisor has been very supportive of my studies, given me good advice. She has supported me with conference attendance, encouraged my ideas very much, and shown general care for my well-being.”
- James Uanhoro
PhD student, Quantitative Research, Evaluation and Measurement


The Quantitative Research, Evaluation and Measurement (QREM) program prepares you to become an expert in research design and statistics, program evaluation, and applied measurement and testing. These skills are an essential component as you seek careers in education, government or business settings.

This applied program teaches you the critical skills needed for educational inquiry and quantitative techniques. Students in the program need strong analytical backgrounds, critical thinking, and communication and writing skills.

Professionals who possess strengths to create, identify and evaluate tests, surveys and curriculum programs are in demand as education settings continue to rely on high-stakes testing.

The faculty keeps you the focus of the QREM program, allowing you to make the program your own. And the tight-knit QREM community lets you get to know faculty and student colleagues on and off campus. Additionally, an active student organization that includes members from all over the world, plus teaching opportunities for graduate students, make for a well-rounded QREM educational experience.

Whether you are preparing for a career in K-12 education, higher education, government or public sector, the doctoral program in Quantitative Research, Evaluation and Measurement gives the in-depth knowledge and experience that will make you an expert in the field.

Career Paths

Graduates of the PhD program go on to become professors, educational statisticians, program evaluators, consultants or psychometricians.


Deadline to Apply: 
December 1
Program Start: 
Autumn semester
Prerequisites/Pre-major Requirements: 
Current GRE scores; academic writing sample is required
Minimum Program Hours: 
87 (up to 30 credit hours can transfer)

Coursework: Educational evaluation, educational statistics, experimental design, data analysis, survey research methods
Other requirements: Research apprenticeship, candidacy exam, dissertation
Academic opportunities: Graduate associateships, scholarships, university fellowships

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Jerome D'Agostino, PhD, Professor
Dorinda Gallant, PhD, Associate Professor
Minjung Kim, PhD, Assistant Professor
Jessica Logan, PhD, Assistant Professor
Ann A. O'Connell, EdD, Professor


Ann A. O'Connell, EdD
QREM Program Chair/Professor