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Health and Exercise Science, Master of Science in Kinesiology

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Specialize your studies in exercise physiology or health and physical activity behavior as you enhance and broaden your knowledge and clinical skills in the field of Health and Exercise Science.

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When you graduate, you will be able to apply your new expertise to: 

  • Improve the education of others to enhance physical activity and health behavior in hospitals, fitness and wellness centers, clinics, community health agencies, and various work settings; 
  • Appropriately use physical activity in the prevention and treatment of chronic disease; and 
  • Advance the sport and exercise performance for recreational and elite athletes. 
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Current Students Spotlight

Our students make essential contributions to the vibrant intellectual community of our program. Click below to learn more about some of our students’ interests and accomplishments.

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Career Paths 

Strength and training coach 
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Athletic program administrator
specialist health supervisor increasing level of e
Exercise physiologist

Students also seek careers in cardiac rehabilitation, adult fitness, geriatric settings, corporate fitness, military fitness, research or sales and management in corporate fields such as sports nutrition, athletic footwear, fitness equipment, sports clothing, and weight control programs. 

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Funding Opportunities 

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Degree Requirements

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Bachelor’s degree

Expected time to degree

1.5-2 years

Deadline to apply

December 1

for funding consideration; then rolling admissions until cohort filled

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