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Business Education Teacher Education, Bachelor of Science in Education, Technical Education and Training

The Business Education Teacher Education program prepares you to become a business educator in public and private school settings. It is a specialization of the Technical Education and Training major, designed to prepare graduates for expanding career opportunities in the field of education and training.


The program objectives are to provide an appropriate series of courses and experiences to enable graduates to successfully enter teaching, leadership, training and supervisory positions in private or public industry, or to seek admission to graduate programs in workforce development and education.

To be eligible for Ohio Provisional Teacher Licensure in Integrated Business Education (grades 7-12) business education, students must be accepted into the program, complete the teacher education curriculum, pass the OAE Assessment of Professional Knowledge (002 or 003), and the OAE 008 Business Education test, and the edTPA.

Ohio State academic programs are designed to prepare students for licensure or certification in Ohio. If you plan to pursue licensure or certification in a state other than Ohio, please review state educational requirements for licensure and certification at

Career Paths

Graduates of the program can find employment as a business education teacher in grades 7-12. Other possible employment options could include corporate training and development and entry-level management positions in a variety of business and industry settings.


Deadline to Apply: 
February 1
Minimum Program Hours: 

Degree requirements: University general education courses, business minor, education courses, two field experiences and student teaching
Other requirements: To obtain an Ohio teaching license in Integrated Business Education, the OAE Assessment of Professional Knowledge (002 or 003), and the OAE 008 Business Education test must be taken and passed.

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Edward C. Fletcher, Jr., PhD, Distinguished Associate Professor
Jay Plasman, PhD, Assistant Professor
David Stein, PhD, Associate Professor
Chris Zirkle, PhD, Associate Professor
Jane Briggs, Senior Lecturer


Edward C. Fletcher, Jr.
Distinguished Associate Professor

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