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Undergraduate Track in the Technical Education and Training major

The Career and Technical Education specialization of the Technical Education & Training major prepares individuals to be licensed as career and technical educators. The program prepares teachers in planning, executing, and assessing instruction by developing skills necessary to organize content, create a positive learning environment, exercise appropriate teaching methods, and continue to reflect and develop professionally

Technical education and training is a program designed to prepare graduates for expanding career opportunities in the field of education and training. The program objectives are to provide an appropriate series of courses and experiences to enable graduates to successfully enter teaching, leadership, training and supervisory positions in private or public industry, or to seek admission to graduate programs in workforce development and education.

Admission Requirements

Completion of at least one full-time quarter (12 hours) at Ohio State with a cumulative grade point average of 2.75 or better for Business Education, Career and Technical Education and Family and Consumer Sciences Education.

Two years of occupational experience in area of concentration (preferred)

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